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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe for Heart

i have been experiencing chest pains and just had stress test and echo done to rule out heart disease. Doc told me my heart was fine, but since this experience i developed a sense of fear of developing heart disease in the future.  i started exercizing eating right and am trying really hard to quit cigarettes.   i just purchase an electronic cigarette , for those who do not know what this is its a plastic cigarette that delivers nicotine through the use of natural steam. NO tabacco. ingrediants are water vapor, glycol and nicotine.  The claim is that since it does not contain Tar, Carbon Monoxide, Tabacco, Smoke or the other 4000 + harmfull chemicals that "normal" cigarettes contain it is safe and will not cause cancer and stuff like that.  no one dicusses heart safety though. here are my questions

1. what ingredient in normal cigarettes causes heart disease ? is it nicotene? carbon monoxide? tar ? smoke?

2. what causes high cholestrol from "normal" cigarettes?

3. what causes artheriosclorosis in normal cigarettes?

4. what ingredient causes hypertension in cigarettes? ( i realize nicotine causes temporary increase in blood pressure - but is this the same ingredient that causes permanent blood pressure problems? )

overall does anyone know if electronic cigarettes are safe for the cardiovascular system? if not entirely safe then is it much safer then normal cigarettes and will i greatly reduce the chances of a cardiac event by smoking electronic cigarettes as opposed to normal ones?

thank you in advance everyone

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Its  easier to cut it down since  it seems that you are in time.
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thank you for your advice. do you however have answers to any of the specific questions in my post Arti?
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Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells, preventing affected cells from carrying a full load of oxygen.  Less oxygen from each heartbeat can be compromise heart functionality and at least increase hert rate.

Cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) in tobacco smoke damage important genes that control the growth of cells, causing them to grow abnormally or to reproduce too rapidly.
The carcinogen benzo(a)pyrene binds to cells in the airways and major organs of smokers.

Smoking affects the function of the immune system and may increase the risk for respiratory and other infections.

"There are several likely ways that cigarette smoke does its damage. One is oxidative stress that mutates DNA, promotes atherosclerosis, and leads to chronic lung injury. Oxidative stress is thought to be the general mechanism behind the aging process, contributing to the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and COPD.
•The body produces antioxidants to help repair damaged cells. Smokers have lower levels of antioxidants in their blood than do nonsmokers.
•Smoking is associated with higher levels of chronic inflammation, another damaging process that may result in oxidative stress."
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