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Are SVT episodes after having surgery normal?

When I was in 7th grade I was diagnosed with SVT because I had an episode at school. I am now a freshman in high school and the episodes still seem to persist. Usually when I have one now they only last about a minute or two versus my normal 30 minute episodes except these small ones happen more frequently. Is this normal? Or my other theory is that another pathway is growing again. And if this is not normal what do you recommend I do
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Lots of folks with SVT post over at the heart rhythm community.  You will be offered a lot of guidance there.  SVT is the easiest arrhythmias to cure in the EP lab via ablation.  When you decide to have it done, just make sure the EP has done a lot of them and that he does at least a couple per week if not more.  The more the better.  And ask for his/her historic success and complication rates.  A high volume center will get you success rate in the high 90s% with very low major complication rates (less than 1%).
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