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Are my Holter Monitor results enough to call for a cardiologist opinion?

My results say (vaguely from what I wrote down) I don't have a print out

14 hours of Bradycardia with the lowest rate at 40 bpm
2.6 hours of Tachycardia with the highest rate at 185bpm
1362 beats with supraventricular ectopic activity
186 atrial couplets
701 late beats
477 PACs with 6 in trigeminy
Longest R-R interval was 4.6 seconds

The tech said she was unsure what all of it meant but that the doctor ordered a follow up with cardiology and possible echocardiogram. I am a 22 year old female.
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Yes, the low heart rate for 14 hours needs a look unless you're a world class athlete.
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Generally speaking, normal heart rate is about 65 (60-90) beats per minute (BPM).  Bradycardia is slow heart rate (less than 60), Tachycardia is fast heart rate ( greater than 90).  Your heart has four chambers, one each in and out, and upper and lower.  Upper is atrial, lower is ventrical.  Ectopic refers to beats occuring when not expected, couplets refers to double beat.  PACs refers to Premature Atrial Contraction.  Your doctor ordering cardiology follow up means they have some concerns and need more information to make a determination. Could be something as simple as diet/excercise, or drug/medication, or could be more.
DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a doctor.  You should only accept medical advise from a licensed professional.
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