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Are pvc's related to VSD??

I have had a ventrical septal defect since birth, and never really had any restrictions or limitations.  I am now 51 yo (female), and over the past two years have developed premature ventricular contractions (PVCs).  I have seen a number of docs, and some think its related to the VSD, while others do not.  Meanwhile, I'm being treated with lopressor which is lowering my already low blood pressure.

Has anyone developed pvc's due to congential heart problems??  
I'm frustrated because I just want this problem "fixed", but a majority of docs just want to keep me on pills.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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I think PVCs are related to life in general.  So many of us have them.  Whether your congenital ASD has anything to do with the PVCs is probably one of those puzzles without a definite answer.  In any event, if they're benign, they're merely a nuisance.  A terrible nuisance, as I well understand, but little more.
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