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Are the 'tests" 100% accurate?

Hi - I am a very fit, 55 yr. old female, good cholesterol, low blood pressure (especially the diastolic number), but with ulcerative colitis for the past 20 yrs. (in remission). I had a heart attack during a fitness class 1 1/2 yrs. ago, with the result being an angioplasty with the placement of 6 stents. My right lower artery was 95% blocked, and no one could tell me why exactly I had a heart attack. My other arteries were supposedly perfect. I have not felt well since then, and seem to go through cyclic "episodes" that result in feeling a little worse that before. A recent echocardiogram showed that my heart has completely healed, according to my cardiologist.  He says you cannot even tell I have had a heart attack. A year ago I had a thalium stress test and that, too, showed my heart functionning 'perfectly'. The two treadmill tests I took show me coming out with flying colours (well, yes, I am very fit). However, I have had lots of chest discomfort, especially with emotional stress, which I cannot seem to handle at all anymore without experiencing symptoms.  Also, palpitations, extreme fatigue, and recently, I have developed shortness of breath sometimes and lots of burping. I have also developed edema in my ankles, especially my left. My workouts are getting harder to complete, and I am always tired. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel as if my chest has taken a beating. I am seeking a second opinion with another cardiologist, but I am seriously beginning to doubt my own intuition, which tells me that something is not right. Has anyone ever heard that the "tests" may miss something? My cardiologist even suggested that I see a psychiatrist for depression - I explained that the depression I am feeling is due to the frustration of not being able to find out what is wrong with me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Well, an artery that was 95% blocked would be the perfect setup for a heart attack. Now you have 6 stents! That must have been a very long area of blockage. Many people will get one or two stents the first time in with stents being added over the years as more areas develop narrowings.

Heart attack damage can vary from minor to major (that is - death). I don't know what happened in your case. Perhaps there was minor damage, collateral vessels grew and your heart function improved. Only your doctor can explain what happened.

If you're having chest pain, pressure, edema and fatigue now, do get it checked out. You've already had some bona fide heart problems. They should not write it off as emotional only. If I'm reading your post correctly, the last time you had testing done was a year ago. If you're having new symptoms, it's time to be checked again.
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