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Arrthythmia with chills and burning extremities

I had a terrible episode last night.  I've grown almost use to the 7,000+ PAC's and PVC's, but yesterday (out of the blue) My blood pressure got very elevated for me 148/80 (normal 100/700).  I developed tachycardia,shortness of breath,irregular heartbeats and chest pain. During the episode, I had a hard (teeth chattering)chill that lasted for about 15 minutes - after the chill, my nose, fingers and toes burned like I had been out in the snow...except there is no snow, it's 90 degrees here.  I took lopressor 25 mg and an Ativaan .50 mg and it finally slowed down about an hour later. Then I was exhausted for the rest of the day and still fill quite fatigued today.  I take Toprol XL 25mg one in the morning and evening, as well as, Pravachol 40 mg, Zetia for (elev cholesterol). I never now when I should go to the ER. I have a 40% block in in LAD, 80% block D1 and moderate left ventricular hypertrophy.  I understand the arrhythmia, can anyone explain the chills and burning symptoms.  Thanks to all for this wonderful forum.  
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Don't know about the body chills but the nose, toes and fingers tingling sound similar to Raynaud's. Any discoloration of those areas? My feet and fingers tend to turn gray now and then, feel a bit numb and then tingling. It comes and goes. I read recently it can affect the nose as well. You can read up on it and see if it comes close to what you experienced.
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thanks for the response, but I don't seem to meet the criteria.  It only happens when I have these cardiac episodes (which occur approxiamtely once or twice a month).
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Ahhh, sorry then. It was just a thought.
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You may not want to hear this...but it sounds very much like my panic attacks. They wear me out to the point where I feel like going to sleep and are accompanied by numb feelings, tachy, palpitations, dizziness, etc.
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I considered panic attacks, but they come out of the blue.  I'm usually reading or watching TV.  The chills (teeth chatters) with extremities burning afterwards that I can't figure out.  I see my cardio next week.  Hopefully, he can provide some insight.
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That's what panic attacks do -they come out of the blue.  The whole reason they are abnormal is because they are not associated with a true reason for the fear (like a bear chasing you).  Instead, you're just watching tv and it hits you.  Been there done that!
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