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Hello docs....
I have been experiencing this weird condition since last year. Its a Arrhythmia of my heart but cant get through weather its Tachy or Bradycardia.

Actually, my heart palpitates a bit faster at times diverging my attention to it while i am studying or driving  or when i am engaged in other work. My heart beat although stays totally normal ranging from 68-75 throughout the day including the moment when I feel the pumps. Now, I don't know what to term this condition as. My ECG hasnt revealed something very out of the ordinary.
I smoke but its like once in a week ( equal to nothing). I booze once in 3 months. but i have a bit of high cholesterol for which i have checked my food habits pretty well. the new report is due to come next week which i will be checking after a year almost.
I swim everyday nowadays as advised by my doctor to carry on exercises. Can this be another reason to trigger Arrhythmia because it was like i got those un-usual pumps once in a week but now it has become very regular after i started swimming.
Please Reply.

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Hey doc..just an inquiry.,...Do my symptoms do for ATRIAL FIBRILATION??
I am dead worried actually.
please do reply
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Thanks doc.
My doctor has also asked me to set up an holter analogy soon. I might get the leads on by today. My cholesterol, reports have come...they are totally within the range and totally fine as per the doctor's note. but the thuds are bothering me a lot. let me do the holter monitoring. hope it might help.
will get back to you with the results.
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It sounds like you are describing PVCs (or premature ventricular beats). Basically, every once in a while, you have an extra heart beat, which comes before the next scheduled beat (hence the term "premature"). This beat and/or the following beat is felt as a stronger "thud" in the chest. These are very common and harmless in an otherwise healthy heart. It's not unexpected that it didn't show up on an ECG since they are occasional by nature. It is very common to feel them more when your heart rate is slower (like yours, in the 60s-70s) because there is more time in between normal beats, and therefore more time for a premature beat to occur. Caffeine can also increase the frequency of these beats.

All in all, it is safe to continue to exercise. If they are really bothering you and you want to confirm the diagnosis, your doctor can set you up with a Holter monitor to catch the episodes.
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