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Artery Clogged? at the age of 17?

17 year old male
no health issues ....that i know of or found

Past year and a half have been hell. My heart started with mimld mild palpitations and now i take 4 pills a day of proponalol to live. It beats so hard and fast for no reason and its just not right. Im seeing a cardiologist , i have done ECGs, treadmill stress tests, ultra sounds , event monitors....alll normal! all blood work normal! also i have extreme muscle pain and cramps..as im wrting this my forearm muscles are aching. I do not lift weights or workout...my cardiologist thinks i have a clogged heart artery...from my childhood...Is this possible? and not show on anyyyy tests? and does my muscle issue have anything to do with the heart? what can all this be i feel like something is forcing my heart. I DO NOT HAVE ANXIETY. i wish people and doctors understand that. I also get skipped heart beats or double beats which is insanly scary ...:(
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“All normal! all blood work normal"......".my cardiologist thinks i have a clogged heart artery"      
What else your cardiologist ordered? What test? Based on what he said you have a clogged heart artery he thinks, he MUST do more , order more tests TO BE SURE, NOT just talk to the air. It is irresponsible.

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CBC blood work, Triphin, CK
Stress Treadmill tests, ECG, Holtor Monitors, Event monitors, Chest X rays......Those are the tests i have done so far which have been all normal
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If you have a blocked artery then I would have thought it would show on a stress test.
Have they tested your blood for lack of certain metals, such as potassium or magnesium?
A blood test for platelets, red cells and white cells is not really sufficient. Have they checked thyroid function?
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Yeah i thought it would show too, but my doctor said sometimes it doesn't! I have checked thyroid, parathyroid, all metals, all vitamins, ......
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