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Ascending aorta & Bicuspid valve replacement

I'm 35 and have bicuspid aortic valve and and with recent echo & MRI ascending aorta measuring 5.0 to 5.1 cm. my cardiologist recommended for surgery. I live in Hillsboro, OR. Can you recommend a good surgeon for my surgery possibly in portland area or nearby states?

What would be the right valve replacement for me and good surgeon to fix my issue.

Appreciate your help
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You're doing the right thing by being proactive about your health and surgery.  Determining the best valve for you has a lot to do with the specifics of your case.  A mechanical valve has longer durability, particularly in a young person, but has the downside of requiring anti-coagulation with Coumadin.  A bioprosthesis doesn't require Coumadin anti-coagulation, but is considerably less durable.  For complex surgery like yours, I would want to see a surgeon who does a high volume of cases.  You would be best served with someone at a national center of excellence with high surgical volumes, even if it means travelling far from home for the operation.  
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