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Aspirin Discontinuation prior to Cataract Surgery

Dear CCHC,

In 1997 I underwent a stentless angioplasty on my LAD because of a heart attack.  Presently my daily dosages of medication constist of atenolol(50mg), vasotec(20mg), hydrochlorothiazide(25mg), imdur(30mg, lipitor(20mg), and aspirin(81mg).  Each year since my angioplasty I have had excellent results with my annual cardiolite stress test.  They have all been normal and similar.  I also jog 30 minjutes daily.
Shortly I am going to undergo cataract surgery and the eye doctor has requested that I stop taking the aspirin(81mg) for seven days prior to the surgery and that I should not take the hydrochlorothiazide(25mg) the morning of the surgery.  The day after the cataract surgery I would then continue my daily aspirin and my daily hydrochlorothiazide.  Is this a typical request for this type of surgery?

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thanks for the post.

Generally yes. Im not familiar with the specifics of the procedure the opthomologist will be performing, but it is not uncommon to stop aspirin prior to most elective surgical procedures to decrease  
the overall risk of bleeding. In stable coronary disease this is usually not a problem.

good luck with your procedure.

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