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Asprin advice

37 yr old male with high cholesterol and flow murmur. Roughly 20-25 pounds overweight and sedentary lifestyle. Family history of heart disease (both grandfather and father had blockages and stents put in, both were in their 60's at the time)

Along with a change in diet and regular exercise, wondering about the benefits of daily asprin therapy of 81mg. I understand there may be higher risks of internal bleeding (but those risks decrease over time). Possible benefits seems to outweigh risks but taking into account my age, not sure....
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Taking an aspirin a day can help prevent heart attack and stroke in people who have suffered such health crises in the past, but not in people who have never had heart problems, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

An analysis of data from major studies does not support the use of aspirin as a preventive medicine in people who have not had a heart attack, stroke or heart problems. In these people, aspirin provides no benefits and puts them at risk for side effects such as dangerous bleeding in the brain or stomach, the FDA said.

Also, the aspirin will not help you with lowering cholesterol and heart murmur. Try to lose weight and stay active. That is the best way to avoid future heart issues.

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I tried the aspirin approach for awhile (way too cheap to actually buy 1/4 aspirin so I split regular generic aspirin), but decided after researching the pros and cons to stop doing that, and instead I merely carry some aspirin to use if needed.  

Taking an aspirin within an hour of a suspected heart attack may be very helpful.

I did find there's a large improvement in blood pressure and chloresteral levels etc. upon losing the final twenty pounds or so and arriving at an optimal, recommended weight (low end of the healthy BMI range), and achieving a 34" waist such as I enjoyed in my youth.
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