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Atrial Fibrillation & Stomach Gas, Digestive Tract Problems?

I saw another post about atrial fibrillation and stomach gas possible association or connection.  I too have the same thing so it may not be all in your head if your suspect this to be the case.  Most dr.'s think your crazy or never heard of this when you even suggest it.  Thats whats wrong with most dr's atleast in my experience in that they don't think outside the box enough possibly because this is what they learned.  I think I/we can guess or prognose just as well or better than they can at times particularly if we know something about health and or ourselves and our own health.  Never be afraid to speak up because I feel strongly that digestive tract problems are real and translate into other real nasty symptoms like this.  Fortunately we can prevent much of this & need to prevent it from happening. I do feel the more you get afib the worse it can become either physically, emmotionally or both no matter what the cause.  I thought up until now that I may have been the first to discover this but would like to know if anyone else has any real answers to this as being a connection?  I would like to know how many people feel that they get atrial fibrillation and feel that it may be related to gas or full, bloated stomach, intestinal or digestive tract troubles etc?  Isn't it possible
that the gas, bloat, perhaps inflamed digestive or intestinal tract can disturb the vagus nerve thereby possibly causing
you to go into an afib attack?  Any real dr's out there any more with some real info about this?  Even conjecture?
Any way I also would be interested in what anyone might have to say about it and or what they may have learned from this?   If you know or even think this to be the case for you I would also like to correspond with you to trade stories and info on what you''ve learned and done. Be well.  Sincerely, Rich - delcocat at aol *******
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Referring to your post regarding A/Fib and bloated stomach/gas, I too have had the same experience. I believe it is a mechanical effect in that the gas inflates the intestine which in turn pushes on the vagus nerve or the bottom of the heart and triggers the A/F episode.  The sensation is located under the left rib cage not in the chest. I can also induce A/F by swallowing something very cold on an empty stomach. This freaks out the nerve and the A/F proceeds.After I get converted, things are quiet until the sensitivity builds up again (avg of 6 mo.). The DR's call A/Fib the "Crab Grass" of cardiology and are not interested in the research connecting the digestive system disorders to A/Fib. Ablation didn't work well either. How do we get the Dr's to investigate this?--NeddyPoo.
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Neddypoo put it pretty well. I get the same symptoms when I am "A Fibbin". In addition to the stomach bloating and upper GI gas, my asthma kicks in. I often need to take my metered dose inhalor when I am "A Fibbn".
However, I will say that I am not entirely sure these symptom, which are certainly related, are not present after the A Fib event. I am not sure whether the A/Fib is causing the gas/bloating and the asthma attack or the other way around.
Another interesting symptom that happened to me was when I went to the ER with an A/Fib event. It took them 14 hours to gain control of my heart rythym. I had to urinate a lot. I'm talking quarts. I found it surprising to me that the doctors did not know why, for I know it was related to the A/Fib event.
Most Doctors are not scientists, nor do they have the time to be. I am not surprised they do not know what causes this. It takes money to do studies on these relationships, and to figure out how to prevent these events.
I have a question for the A/Fibbers out there, who have these GI symptoms that coincide with their A/Fib. How many of you are on a proton pump inhibitor (Nexium, prevacid, aciphex or protonix)? Just curious.
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I experience the same thing at times-always gas-and the palpitations can hit off and on. After I go, it goes away. Weird! Guess we had better go when we feel the urge and eat slowly. It really bugs me but have to live with it. I did get a bad hit a Afib awhile back when I chugged a huge glass if ice cold lemonaide on an empty stomach. I think there is something to that vegas nerve going bonkers over cetain stimuli.  All of this has scared me, but best to just deal with it and be careful. One lady said she had this and the Dr.s seemed less worried about it than she was. Hmmm?
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Most of my afib episodes take place after 2pm...something to do with vagal tone. Lately, I've been trying  unfiltered apple cider vinegar with 8oz purified water before each meal. One month now and no more afib! When I bend down, it feels like it will happen, but doesn't if I sit and breath reguarly. I am convinced my afibbing is a digestive problem. I also take digestive enzymes and have just begun probiotics. I think the key may be keeping stomach alkaline hence ac vinegar. I hope this helps
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I'm sooo glad to hear you guys - knowing I'm not alone.  I never knew if was actual afibbing, but I finally noticed that when I would get a funny, fluttery butterfly feeling in my heart, a short time later I'd get huge belching episodes.  Bizarre levels of belching, believe me.  I asked my internist about it, & he said there's no way it's connected...but of course I never believed him.  I get palpitations at night, could this be something structural I'm wondering?  Maybe lying down, somehow affecting the vagus nerve??  
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Very comforting to read this blog, indeed.    The questions you are posing are mine exactly.....more questions.....why are the episodes becoming more and more freqent?   Sometimes lasting for days and occuring every 10 days?   Because the heart body starts to get 'used to' this state (mimicking?).   Ever try exercising with this gas feeling??   I get extra systoles immediately....goes away with a large glass of water....issue of acid/alkaline very interesting...how many folks out there have elevated uric acid levels who suffer from these episodes.        I have just ordered an ayurvedic remedy from Rillical in Denmark.  Does anybody have any experience with this?   Gas.  Yes.  Stress.  Yes.   More than one thing, which is why this is so difficult for doctors...to a hammer everything is a nail, etc.    Viruses?   Inflammation?   Inflammation which gets worse.    Why do the episdoes self terminate?   As confusing as why they start.     The Afib seems, at least to me to have a 'positive' effect on my body, because when the episode terminates, I feel 'better' and 'cleansed'....the area under my eyes goes blackish during an episode and this disappears when its over....urine has a peculiar, almost yeasty scent during the episode.   And then this passes.   Does ANY of this sound familiar to ANYONE?
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