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Atrial Fibrillation Stomach Gas & Bloat Relationship?

I saw a post about atrial fibrillation and stomach gas possible association.  I too have the same thing so it may not be all in your head if your suspect this to be the case.  Most dr.'s think your crazy or never heard of this when you even suggest it.  Thats whats wrong with most dr's.  They don't think outside the box and most always treat symptoms with side effect ridden drugs because this is what they learned.  I think we can guess or prognose just as well or better than they can at times particularly if we know something about health and or ourselves.  Never be afraid to speak up because I feel strongly that digestive tract problems are real and translate into other real nasty symptoms like this.  Fortunately we can prevent much of this & need to prevent it from happening. I do feel the more you get afib the worse it can become either physically, emmotionally or both no matter what the cause.  I thought up until now that I may have been the first to discover this but thought I would put this to a POLL since the question already exist out there about the afib gas connection.  I would like to know how many people feel that they get atrial fibrillation and feel that it may be related to gas or full, bloated stomach, intestinal or digestive tract troubles etc?  Any way I also would be interested in what anyone might have to say about it and or what they may have learned from this if they know or even think this to be the case for them and would also like to correspond with others to trade stories and info on what they've learned and done. Be well.  Sincerely, Rich - ***@****

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I been researching how to do what you just described.  I not in permanent AFib yet, but if I not begin your program, I'm sure my life will be greatly shortened.
Please direct me where I can find out more about what you know, cause the doctors say eating is not related to heart issues.


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I have not been on in a while so sorry if it took some time to get back.  I also have another thread (see above) •Atrial Fibrillation & Stomach Gas, Digestive Tract Problems -  that I usually go on more often,  There is a lot of good info and many others that have posted there with the same, similar and or other problems.  I do feel for me and many there is an absolute connection to something going on in the digestive tract region and afib.  Grixy you bring up an interesting possibility and one I've heard and even suspected myself being a culprit in some cases of this with hiatal hernia.  I think hiatal hernia can or should be able to be diagnosed fairly easy by doctor however there could be perhaps a form like you suggest in that things may have gotten pushed up higher rather than out as is with most cases of hernia.  Eviway,  I'm not on nor do I offer any particular program per say.  I've learned that while symptoms can seem similar the causes are still yet unknown or unclear and yours causes may differ some what from someone elses and therefore something that works for me may not necessarily work for you or someone else. I'm glad you tried the prune juice.  I don't use it as a cure so much as i do a preventative however I have used it when in afib and it has helped on occasion since it will alleviate the pressure of gas and bloat by cleaning you out if you drink enough of it but it also does ad potassium to your diet which along with magnesium is a natural heart regulator.  I have also used magnesium (supplementaion) and epsom salt (for flushing) in such cases as well.  For me getting my digestive tract back into shape and trying to keep it that way seemed to give me a challenge but also my best results in preventing afib.  The trick was to figure out what it was that was causing it?  This made me pay attention to symptoms, do some research and experiment.  For me I always had a sensitive stomach but the symptoms went well beyond this.  At my worst I had symptoms of gas, bloat, acid reflux no matter what I ate or how small an amount.  I had bad breath, coated tongue felt, tired and sluggish etc.  I first suspected parasites and or bad bacterial over growth. I first used a combination of wormwood/black walnut for parasites twice a day and combined it with colloidal silver for the bacteria.   I ate light staying away from obvious triggers like milk, cheese, processed and fried foods.  I also added fresh juices,.  i can say I did see some stuff come out and it did look like a combo of parasites and bacteria.  After a week of this I must say I felt a lot better.  i was able to eat normally but this only lasted a couple weeks and then it started all over again.  Perhaps it was my adding foods to my diet which while not completely bad were still triggers for me.  i felt for a short time like i could eat anything and like a person out of jail I was enjoying my taste of freedom.  So now my dilemna was now what do i do?  What do i try next?  Should i do a repeat of what i did before again?  What if it doesn't work?  You get the picture.  From that point I've tried many other things too many to get into here but will tell you of a few.  I know there needs to be a balance and healthy tract so I tried different probiotics.  Some worked for a while then after a while seemed to have no effect.  Some just didn't work and made me feel worse.  I can tell you all probiotics are not the same.  The more the varied strains usually is best.  I have also used with good results slippery elm a couple times a day to help kill off the bad huys and to also help my tract run smoothy and heal.  I have learned after doing a flush and getting your digestive tract close to empty and clean you should take it very easy afterwards and build up slow.  Pay attention to what bothers you and try and stay away from them.  If you can't avoid dairy take a lactaid.  If you can't avoid gasseous forming foods then take beano.  I've actually stopped taking both by adding a very good digestive enzyme to my daily diet routtine.  I sporadically use probiotics but not every day or every week at this point.  I also have used tumeric and curcumin which help alleviate gas and also provide natural defense against inflamation.  Speaking of which "inflamation" as I've come to learn is what happens in your digestive tract when all is not well and what it does is constrict every thing.   Your digestive tract will often be very slow and sluggish and act up as a backed up sink would giving you bloat, constipation, reflux and other symptoms.  So what does this all seem to do with afib?  Well in my experiience I have speculated that I have a trouble spot or weakness in my digestive tract which on occasion in the past I've noticed when it becomes inflamed or sore or what ever it makes that region in my gut also feel as though it fibrilates which then because of the vacinty can cause nerve impulses to the heart and or brain to be disrupted possibly in turn what triggers, causes or sets off atrial fibrilation.   While a lot of my observations have been speculative or what a doctor would write off as nonsense it makes sense to me and when I have approached it with common sense I have helped alleviate this thing much better than what is common practice or whats available now.  The ironic thing is a doctor may say I'm crazy and yet more often than not will want to prescribe dangerous meds for a condition he has no idea of what the actual cause is himself?
Bottom line for me is that once its gotten this far to where you are getting afib and you have had all the check ups and test indicating you to be pretty healthy and yet no answers then its quite possible the problem started a while ago and its to a point that obviously requires a lot of attention.  Another words damage has been done so now the trick is to try and reverse it or at the very least minimize the possibilty of it getting worse.  This can be done via careful diet, supplementation, exercise and reducing stress.  Constant worry and stress can cause not only anxiety, depression and other symptoms but I know it can directly affect digestion, cause digestive problems and even arythmias themselves.  I hope that some of my stated experiences helps you in your endeavors to get well.  Thanks for reading, good luck and thanks for posting.!
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Yes intestinal gas precipitates Afib...
I can eat and in five minutes gas builds and put pressure somewhere, probably the vagus nerve and I go into Afib.... as I belch enough to relieve the pressure Afib stops,,,, Referred to as "Vagal Afib".
I had Catheter ablation to the tune of $150,000,00 but it did no good.

You have to be lucky and rich to find competent Cardiologist... most only know the basics and want your MONEY!.

I am 72 years old and probably will die soon from Afib complications even though my heart is as strong as an Ox.
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Don't dispair.  Your 72 years young and you sound like a fighter.  It also sounds like you experience what I and lot others do (that is beyond the frustration of doctors inability to help even when they let on like they know) so much.  Get your digestive tract healthy, stay away from known triggers and that may help.  If you bloat up after everything you eat in any size quantity then it sounds like you may have what I experienced and thats parasite, fungal and or bad bacterial over growth in your digestive system.  Perhaps try some of what I mentioned above ie, slippery elm, wormwood/black walnut, colloidal silver to help remedy that and then make sure you ad a very good digestive enzyme just before you eat and probiotics..  I also have and had experienced sluggish gall bladder and that in and of itself can cause big digestive bloat and other problems which is another reason why the enzymes are important.  I also take some lemmon water with my meal to help digestion (apple cider vinegar is good as well is you like or can tolerate it).  Make sure you get some moderate exercise and reduce stress.  Its sad doctors can't figure this stuff out but if you have a pretty clean bill of health and have no sensitivities to some of this or other things mentioned give em a try.  Hang in there.
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I often wake up an hour after going to bed with my heart racing super fast, my stomach swolen to the point where it feels like it wants to pop, and my skin burning all over.  This has been going on for a few years already.  I take ativans to slow down my heart rate, since it feels like i am a minute away from a heart attack.  It only happens to be after i sleep for an hour.  It scares me to the point where i am afraid of going to sleep at night.  Its utterly traumatic and exhausting.  I sometimes can't go away for trips because i fear that i might have an attack and won't find a hospital in time.  I have not spoken to any one who has similar experiences.  I am constantly told "oh you work to hard, yes just check your diet, it anxiety, it's all in your head".  I don't think anyone understands how difficult itis to live with this, you change your life to accommodate your random episodes.  I am fine if i take probiotics daily.  I've been told to go and swallow a camera, not sure if there is a real sollution here, and not sure why it always happens an hour after going to bed.  It scares the hell out of me, but no one seems to understand, i guess you can't understand what you have not experienced.
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i have suffered from palpatations since I was 21,im now 54.Since suffering hypothyroidism I have had several attacks of AF recently.In turn i have had to lower my thyroid meds which in itself is distressing to me.I have come to the conclusion that the AF is not triggered by my thyroid levels.I commented to my husband that when I am in AF my stomach has blown up like a balloon.The episodes have lasted 4 to 6 hours.I usually start to feel the wind in my system start to move.my heart has reverted to the normal rythm itself.I took myself to the hospital last time this happened.My thyroid TSH was slightly suppressed.I was told these things happen and even someone who lives to be ninety could experience this.I have recently been suffering heart palpatations as well, have noted in the past many times that they are accompanied by a feeling of indegestion.My Doc has usually put them down to anxiety in the past but I have had many stressfull periods in my life when I have been free of palpatations.so it was of some comfort to me to discover this thread tonight as I have had palpatations for 2 days now  along with a windy bloated belly.Have just been away for a few days and my diet wasnt the best,so now I can stop worrying about it knowing Im not alone.I have a doc appointment next week and will discuss this with him.Thanks again
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I have had the AF problem for five years now.  It started when I was 65.  Mine is definitely vagal and caused by stomach gas.  I have changed my diet a number of times trying to find the one food that causes the AF.  I was tested and found I was allergic to eggs and nuts.  Eliminating them has helped some, but is not the complete solution.   Yet, when I tell my Cardiologist he treats me like I have three heads and suggests blood thinners and ablation.  What a crock!!  He did one good thing for me, though.  He gave me a prescription for Flecainide.  
Whenever I have an episode of AF, I pop 50mg of Flecainide and within an hour, all is well again.  I hate being dependent on a pill, but it is better than letting the AF run until it resolves itself.  I am of normal weight
and reasonably fit.  Guess I will keep trying for a solution.  In the meantime, I carry a Flecainide in my pocket at all times.  Thanks for this site where we can compare notes and air our complaints about AF.
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Hello, sorry I haven't logged on in a while.  As for your afib episodes happening an hour after you go to sleep I believe there are several possible contributing factors.  Do you eat anything within three or four hours of going to bed?  What do you eat?  Do these foods tend to give you gas?  Some good candidates could be dairy, nuts or things that are high in fiber.  You would have to answer this for yourself.  Now when you go to sleep odd as it may sound you can be placing yourself in a position that in fact can make you more susceptible to the gurgles and pops that may come do to stomach or intestinal distress which I believe in turn stimulates the vagus nerve pathway which in turn can trigger the afib. This has happened to me.  It also does not help that you are now anticipating this.  This places you in a state of worry and anxiety which also can trigger and or aggrevate these problems.  Nerves and stress can definately impact digestive tract health and pretty much anythnig else.  I would suggest not eating prior to going to bed by atleast 4 hours.  Be mindful of what you eat.  Take probiotics and especially a good enzyme supplement at every meal.  If you eat anything prior to bed time make it a very light high protein snack.  Avoid anything with caffeine or alcohol for atleast 6 hours prior to bed and drink plenty of water through out the day to help keep things moving along and to help you stay hydrated.  Give these a try and see if you get some relief naturally.  Hope this helps.  Thanks for writing and good luck!
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Atrial Fib from gas is related to vagal tone atrial fib where the vagal nerve is excited and results in inducing atrial fib in some people. Most DR's are either unaware or dismissive. One reason is that the atrial fib triggered this way often self corrects to normal rythim very quickly, though not always. Unless Drs see the afib on a monitor, ekg or tape they don't believe you have it.
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Hello Stampwiz and thanks for your input.   This is the conclusion I have drawn some time ago and one that I have put out there for people however I've tried to convey this cautiously since I know not all people or their situations are alike.   That being said if you have certain other obvious symptoms such as intestinal distress resulting in gas & bloat I know that can lead to the stimulating of the vagus nerve which can then can trigger the afib.   I have paid attention and felt this many times.  I therefore have placed great emphasis on acknowledging the need to not only try and be self aware in any such self diagnosis but also to help remedy digestive woes which is a real bear of its own to deal with.   I suspect most people suffering with afib relating to the aforementioned have a considerable amount of damage already to their digestive tract that tends to sneak up on you over time.   As for doctors you are correct.   It has been my observation that they do not know, realize or admit that you have afib until they place all the monitoring systems on you.   Something obvious to you and I just isn't for them for some reason.  A simple stethoscope and listening is no longer enough anymore I suppose.  To make matters worse even after the diagnosis they are totally perplexed and generally have no clue as to why and they have looked at me like I had two heads on a few occasions early on when I visited the ER.   Only one time in my life did I get a doctor in the ER that understood and worked with me as a human being.   I told him what I had which he confirmed and why I believed I had it which he thought seemed logical.  He even went so far as to understand my reluctance to have any of the drugs mentioned administered and even used my suggestion of intravenous magnesium and he also gave me potassium pills.   This worked for me like a charm and I came out of the afib faster than any other time that drugs were administered.   I do not know if you are a doctor but you seem to have knowledge and understanding about this subject.   I had to learn the harder way.   I was relatively young and in good shape when I got these episodes and so am glad I stuck to my guns and refused the medications many docs wanted to place me on all without knowing why I was getting these episodes in the first place which could have had detrimental impact on my over all health above and beyond what i already was experiencing.   Now yourself and others will (if they don't already by now) know why I'm so passionate about this.   You will see that when I first started posting I too was confused and worried and not certain of what brought these episodes on even though I developed some suspicions that as time went on became all to clear for me.   I've made tremendous strides in being self aware, learning and understanding and helping myself.   I now know the signs and symptoms.   I now know 99% of the time how where and why I will or might get this and I can usually nip it in the bud particularly when I know I have been a bad boy dietarily before it does happen.   I believe others can as well!  Beyond just the comfort it brings others knowing others suffer with this I hope that I have done good for some in putting it all out there on this and other med help blog.   Again thanks for your post, comments and acknowledgement.
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Hello Everyone.
It is difinitely related.
The symptoms are clear. Actually after describing the bloating symptoms the sense of prechure in the upper stomach, and the ocasional arrythmia episodes, the gastrologist I've seen, told me right away, after doing an abdominal palpation "that's caused by the gas", and then i told him that at the time I saw him I wasn't having those symptoms anymore, I continued saying that I had drunk cabbage and carrot natural juice, done at home, for 7 days. Then he replied "Yes, keep doing it, the only thing about the cabbage is that may produce a little gas in the intestins, but thats all ", he continued "Since you like to use natural herbs, drink peppermint tea, or fennel tea this may help reduce the gas in your digestive system."

This doctor specialized himself in H.Pylori infections treatment, and he stated further "We've done an experiment when I was elaborating on my thesis for my academic degree that involved using natural substances existing in graprefruit or a fruit similar to that, I'm not sure, that was a bomb in erradicating H.Pylori as potent as an antibiotic, oh it was an natural antibiotic of course. It was just a shame we didn't procceed with that studies...".

So... concluding I would like you guys to experiment on drinking the cabage and carrot juice for 10 days at least and then report if you noticed any improvement... I believe it would be important for many... I haded apple sometimes as to make it more palatable. Thanks for your attention and I believe you'll find a way of improving ;)

Take care
Did you eat anything other than the carrot & cabbage juice?
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I read your article. I have similar situation like you. Off recently i experienced some funny sensation in my heart. It is something very uneasy where i felt someone touching or twitching you heart from inside. It comes and goes. TOday i had something different wherein i felt like the heart is choaking but sonna after my burp and fart .. the feeling and sensation subsides. I called my cardilogist he said it gastric problem... what you think perhaps you can share some views of yours.
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As a fellow sufferer, I think there is no doubt that heart arrythmia can be caused by excessive gas and bloating. I have experienced it 3 times now and I'm 28, the latest one was during exercise. Some of my observations and thoughts are:

1. Bloating seems to occur after eating. Bloating increases when I begin to walk or do some physical activity. For example gas could start building up when I've done two sets of pushups or walked up a steep incline.
2. The Vagus nerve is a clear suspect. Since its a major nerve ( ne of the primary groups in a set of 11 I think) that regulate critical functions including heart rhythm. Gas pressure  as well as rupture caused due to acidity and reflux may have a strong bearing on it misfiring, causing the heart to jump out of rhythm. All my racing heart episodes have been triggered when I was walking or exercising when there was gas buildup. I've had myself checked to rule out heart problems. Other times I've had micro-episodes of racing hearts like just as I'm drifting off into sleep and wake up with a runaway heart!
3. Hiatal hernia: When I had an endoscopy I was told I had a small hiatal hernia. The symptoms during that time which led me to the doc was moderate gas and sudden racing hearts lasting for a few seconds that'll knock me off my seat,  the same feeling when you wake up with a racing heart. It wasn't hard right away to see a correlation between reflux/gas/digestive problems and heart palpitations and shortness of breath.
4. When I have severe bloating and it feels like my stomach and diaphragm are all gonna explode anytime, there is clear shortness of breath. Obviously my guess is the lungs don't have enough room to expand and the heart may even come into direct contact with the pushed up diaphragm. And possibly with the herniated stomach too. All of this results in lesser room for the cardio-pulmonary system to expand, and contract, let alone staying in tune.

Last year I had the barium swallow. They saw no hiatal hernia but definite reflux. I somehow don't believe that test is accurate and all it did was give me an appendicitis a day later I think due to the barium that got clogged in the appendix opening. I wish I was scoped instead.

I am determined to get to the bottom of this, I will get an endoscopy soon to learn if there's is a mechanical problem (hiatal hernia) and what other damage the last 2 years of reflux has caused and go from there. There are many questions unanswered like could it be H. Pylori? What causes excess acid (and gas) in the absence of clear mechanical abnormalities like a hiatal hernia? Why is the esophageal valve loose? For GERD I think there is no definitive cause effect relationship. Is too much acidity causing the valve to loosen up? Or If it was the valve that is malfunctioning, why should it cause excessive acid? For all the scientific/medical progress we've made there seems to be a poor holistic understanding of body science! I guess we have to rely on our experience and every bit of knowledge we can assimilate to work towards a solution.
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Some good info and observatios.  As noted above there may be no one size fits all description of what causes excess acid, gas, bloat and even perhaps afib itself.  I think thru my own personal observations that its reasonable to assume there is some correlations between the two sets of symptoms.  Digestive problems have a vast array of causes and I believe more than afib.  I do believe there is ultimaely some trigger point caused by digestive problems which leads to a chain of events that sets off the afib.  Gas, bloat, acid are the symptoms and things like ibs, gerd, reflux etc are descriptions that have been given to label these as some sort of medical condition,  The whole problem is to identify an underlying cause, stop doing what causes it, ***** damage and hopefully be able to treat, repair and reverse such damage. This can be a huge under taking with lots of tests and no guarantees you'll be any closer than you are now at finding the problem and or solution sorry to say.  My theory is that inflamation is the first culprit that leads to all the above and thats pretty easy to address once you educate yourself on what causes it.  It is generally caused by poor diet, eating the wrong foods, stress, smoking, medication, alcohol or junky sweets and junky drinks like soda.  Eat these and this causes inflamation in your intestinal tract making it hard for food and gas to pass.  It slows the digestive process down and then it can cause you to become bloated and out of balance.  Bad bacteria (ecoli, H.Plylori etc) can then over take your good gut bacteria (probiotics).  This can also lead to other things like viruses and parasites.  These then go further by actually damaging and thinning out your intestinal lining making you susceptible to diseases like crohns, ibs, leaky gut etc.  Once this damage occurs is when we start seeing afib or the propensity to get it.  I believe when the intestinal lining wall thins, becomes porous is when the nerves in the lining become inflamed and sensitive and react and these are super close if not intertwined with the vagus nerve pathways.  Once the vagus nerve pathway is disrupted this in my opinion is what causes the afib we associate with the condiions mentioned above.  I have been saying this on this blog, to doctors etc for years and yet there still seems to be little to nothing known or on the horizon to help.  So in conclusion I have taken control and better care of my digestive tract by making modifications in my diet to disinclude as much as possible anything that causes inflamation.  I'm not perfect and its sometimes can be a struggle but all in all it has worked pretty well for me.  Some key points.  #1  avoid stress, acid forming foods, drinks, smoking.  #2  Use a juicer or whole food pulverizer and include a lot more easy to digest, easy to  absorb raw fruits and vegetables in your diet.  #3   Use a good probiotic and take digestive enzymes with every meal.  #4  Drink more purified water.  #5.  Gets some exercise.  #6.  Stay away from sweets and sugars.  #7.  Try not to eat within 4-5 hours of bed time.  A very light natural protein snack generally is fine.  Try this for a few weeks and i think you may see a difference too.  Good luck and thanks for posting!
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Could not find the poll.

But in answer to the poll, yes, definitely gas related for me. And my doctor responded, maybe the Afib is causing the gas! So I guess he doesn't believe me. Had 2 uncles who had an ablation done and they have not had Afib since and are no longer taking medication. Looking into that.
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Your right your doctor doesn't believe you but your definately not alone there.  Interesting though.  Why in the world would he believe in the opposite?  you should have put him on the spot and ask him to please explain his theory.  Also interesting is that you know of two cases where ablation helped.  I have yet to hear one.  Its all individual and it could be in those cases they knew the cause and right where it stemmed from if the ablations worked.  Most posting regarding the association of gas and bloat bringing on afib generally have it and it goes away for a time then it comes back again.  Anyone dealing with afib on a daily basis that doesn't stop I believe is a totally different can of worms.  Guess we will all keep digging til we get some more answers.  Thanks for posting.
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I have intermittent afib and have been on flecainide for 15 months.  It worked great, but about 3 months ago, I started having terrible stomach pain.  I thought maybe an ulcer, as I was taking one aspirin a day and was hitting the beer pretty good.  I got the ok for getting off aspirin and completely laid off the booze, but still had the stomach pains.  Finally went for an endoscopy and what do you know, no ulcers, everything looked fine.  Dr.  prescribed prescription grade pepcid twice a day for 8 weeks.  I have had stomach issues with the pepcid in the past, so have tried to fix this with diet and lifestyle changes to no avail.  Has anyone had issues with flecainide causing stomach issues?  It is getting worse and not better.   Thanks so much for any information anyone can share
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I have intermittent afib and have been on flecainide for 15 months.  It worked great, but about 3 months ago, I started having terrible stomach pain.  I thought maybe an ulcer, as I was taking one aspirin a day and was hitting the beer pretty good.  I got the ok for getting off aspirin and completely laid off the booze, but still had the stomach pains.  Finally went for an endoscopy and what do you know, no ulcers, everything looked fine.  Dr.  prescribed prescription grade pepcid twice a day for 8 weeks.  I have had stomach issues with the pepcid in the past, so have tried to fix this with diet and lifestyle changes to no avail.  Has anyone had issues with flecainide causing stomach issues?  It is getting worse and not better.   Thanks so much for any information anyone can share
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Yes, there is a definite connection between excessive stomach gas and atrial fibrillation. Since having a heart attack 17 years ago I’ve experienced continual arrythmias - tachycardia, bradychardia, ectopic beats, flutter, etc. - ever since. I had a stomach ulcer and accompanying pain on and off for many years. Despite being on daily medication sometimes the pain got so bad I passed out. However, in the mid nineties when my wife began studying reflexology, and after she practiced on my feet for a number of sessions, my ulcer related pain disappeared and never returned. Then, in 2005, the stomach gas problem began. It happened after an evening of eating chocolates. During that night I awoke, choking, as the contents of my stomach had traveled up my esophagus and into my mouth. From that point on excessive belching and prolonged belching “fits” have become a part of my daily life. In an attempt to eliminate the gas problem I’ve been tested for food sensitivities and discovered that dairy, wheat and sugar products are foods I need to avoid. I’ve also tried out a range of Proton Pump Inhibitors prescribed by various doctors but these seemed to make things worse. In February of this year (2013) I my right coronary was stented and other arterial blockages were pinpointed at the time. All went well for a few months and then, during a belching session, I experienced my first bout of Atrial Fibrillation. It lasted 56 hours. The AF has happened a number of times since and each and every time it is brought on by excessive stomach gas and the attendant bloating and belching. Currently I am taking Plavix and Asprin to keep my blood thin but my doctor wants to put me on Warfarin as well. I feel that this course of action spells the beginning of the end for me. And so I am desperately seeking a natural “cure” for this issue and will continue research and experiment.  
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Sorry to hear your problem.  I think your on the right track in coming here.  There are many informative postings on symptoms, things tried etc.  There is also my sister page with a lot of info also on med help at link shown below •Atrial Fibrillation & Stomach Gas, Digestive Tract Probl...
I don't think its the end for you but if you can get relief naturally without things like warfarin in your repertoire.  I think you would be better off for it.  Refraining from alcohol, smoking, poor eating habits is a good start.  Stress, anxiety, poor sleep and lack of moderate exercise also bad.  Unfortunately doctors do not have a grip on this stuff or whether they are related and as usual its more drugs to hopefully address only symptoms but not get to bottom of the problem.  Unfortunately some of the same could be said here since there is no definitive solution or regimen that seems to work for everyone.  Everyone is different.  However like mentioned above there are some common sense approaches that could help bring relief even in the short term.  Stay away from white flour and gluten.  Buy a juicer and incorporate fresh juices into your diet a couple times a day.  Things that have a high density of nutrients (like organic carrots, apples, celery, beet etc)  that have healing properties and that are natural and easy on your digestive system.  Drink plenty of purified water.  Do not eat your last meal or anything other than a light easy to digest protein snack for at least 4 hours or more before going to bed.  Try taking a good enzyme and probiotice supplement.  Hopefully some of this along with other info you read here or else where will help.  Good luck and check back on any updates and know your not alone.  Lots of support here as well!  Thanks everyone!  
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1.meat and bread combo always gives you gas. This two foods NEVER to be together!!! Sandwich is tasty but wrong food. Bread req-d alkaline environment ... meat  need a asid to be digested ..You have both:.It is reaction of neutralization which your kid did in school (project for a home made volcano)
2. there is a medical leeches to improve  a blood flow, blood formula and velocity of the blood. No modern medicine can compete with health benefits of med. leeches. No side effects.
3. Digestion is a key. Probiotics must!!! even if you did innocent intake of antibiotics once upon time...
4.Bitter herbs a must!!!  for a questionable liver and related . Golden seal is my favorite. It helps with "pink eyes in children" Drug users know- it as a 911 for a liver cleaning before drug test.
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hi, I have had the fluttering in my chest for a few years, I have been to the doctors and had ecg's and everything seems normal ,however  everytime I go to the doctors I have high blood pressure cause they think I have white coats syndrome ,its where you panic when you are at the doctors, I have bought a blood pressure machine and everytime I check it at home its fine, I too noticed everytime it comes I seem to have a really good burp and it seems to go, I also have told my gp this and they too looked at me like I was stupid,i have had an attack earlier and I think it also comes when I not eaten for a while, it causes me a lot of distress and end up arguing with my missis cause she doesn't understand and thinks its just wind,i have been given beta blockers on 2 occasions, I took them once years ago and it seemed to go worse so I stopped taking them, I was given some a fortnight ago again and not started taking them yet but was going start doing tonight after that last attack, I cant belive other people think the same way, surley we cant all be wrong so why will nobody look into to it medically,everybody I tell think I am winding them up and don't understand how scary it feels,i find drinking milk with little sips fast seems to bring up all my wind and usually stop the fluttering,going back to the doctors tomorrow try and sort this out cant carry on with this its ruining my life.would love to hear of any other remadies that seem to work,thanks.
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Yes, bad food combinations can throw you into Afib, if you have a propensity to it. Otherwise all those with sleep apnea, bad diet etc would have Afib. My first episode happened in Mexico after a night of drinking and finished with a meal nicknamed , "Taco ataque cardíaco". Didnt get the heart attack but did send me to a clinic for the night on a drip IV to get me back to NAS, which it did. The few bouts I have had since then have all been after some heavy meals and late night sweets along with alcohol. Only once did I go into Afib while eating healthy.
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My GP also felt that if there was an association between my bloat and atrial fib then it was the latter affecting blood and digestive system. Had a load of tests yesterday in hospital after symptoms of breathlessness, wind and heart racing. Bloods all ok, , BP fine, pulse fine. Heart rate 160 though.  The conclusion may well be treatment of warfarin or Beta blocker, and possible future 25v shock at next episode. I am unlikely to accept that until gastric influence is ruled out. I take Lansaprazole for life to mask the reflux acid I suffer from. I also think it likely  I have hiatus hernia, and even feel a part of my abdomen where \I think this might be. But GPs dont seem to want to pursue this line of enquiry.   I understand why, as a high percentage would prove to be expensive blind-alleys. Every heart consultant I have mentioned gastric wind to has not even given me the courtesy of a discussion. Its hard to believe they are unaware of this as a possible relationship, and I have to give them some credit for knowing what they are doing.? Dilemma
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I definitely agree that there is a connection between stomach gas and afib.
I have a very sensitive digestive system and really try to avoid the triggers but some times i will have a digestive problem from something I ate before which didn't bother me. I do take over the counter famotidine once a day.
I am a 76 yr old female and developed afib after having pneumonia about 2 1/2 years ago.
My primary doc suggested I try DGL which is  deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract and to take a probiotic containing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.
Has anyone tried either of those?
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Yes, I have.   deglycyrrhizinated means the part of the licorice that tends to raise blood pressure is removed but the other benefits remain the same.  A good probiotic is also a must.  Take the DGL 15 minutes before you eat or you can experiment and see what works best for you.
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I agree with most what you say.Have just come out of hospital again having suffered tachycardia .My abdomen feels tight...and bloated sometimes and then my heart kicks in to beating very fast usually when I'm seated or lying down....but can happen when I feel bloated tummy when walking .Not chest pain  but funny feelings in chest and arms ..don't like the feel of clothes on my skin.Lots of burping at anytime .stretching my body in certain positions helps to slow the heart have had episodes of this for 25 years am 50 now.Been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia  , had heart checked and nothing was found ...can swim for ages..but do burp when swimming...but no AF ..it can happen at anytime and have even tab,eats for anxiety.but the bloody symptoms of all this are the cause of my anxiety not the other way round.....doctors.....always have seemed to think its stress but I know better
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Try charcoal pills from the health food store.  Charcoal pills provide much relief for gas.  Many people are admitted to hospital for heart issues when what they really have is gas.
Charcoal pills have helped me on many occasions when I was literally blocked up with gas. They really work.
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I have suffered from AFIB most of my life and it is always brought on by a set of know triggers:
1.) Indigestion and excessive gas, particularly brought on from cereal with milk in the morning. or very spicy foods mixed with dairy.
2.) Putting some unusual pressure on your chest: laying on my left side while sleeping, leaning or laying on my chest when trying to fix a car for example.
3.) Too much alcohol - in excessive of 4 drinks in a 3 hr period
4.)  Caffeine
5.)  Dehydration

These are 5 "big five:.
If I watch these I stay out of AFIB
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Someone mentioned sneezing could restore sinus rhythm. Since I also suffer from the same syndrome everyone has mentioned, I read that if you are having a heart attack, cough. I have tried this for the irregular heart rhythm, and it definitely helps. It is logical too.
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I'm a 44 year old guy who had a very scary AF happen about 7 months ago. I was chain smoking at the time and drinking lots of coffee, then had a hot oil pan explode against my chest. The morning after the explosion I woke to strange feelings in my chest. I had palpitations many times before, but the doctors just shrugged them off because they were in the bottom part of my heart. But then this one came and it hit the top part of my heart. I can't be 100% sure, but I think I was having stomach issues when it happened.

Just a couple of days ago I had missed my pill that takes care of the heart problem, metoprolol, but wasn't completely sure I had missed it, so I decided to wait until it was time to take the pill again, that way I wouldn't be taking too much of it. But I never made it to the time.

My belly felt like there was concrete in it, (to note, I had about half a cup of weak coffee. I rarely drink it now, but I had a busy day ahead of me), and I felt like I was going to vomit several times. This all came on within a few minutes from being perfectly fine and cleaning house. I was hit with AF twice, within about 5-10 minutes of each other. I was in the ER faster than you could kick at me.

I was hawked over for several hours, EKG's and the whole 9 yards. I took a second pill and after it kicked in, I was feeling better.They sent me home and everything seemed fine.

Tonight I have my dose in me, but the bloating feeling came again and even with the medication I started to have palpitations again. Took some antacid pills hoping it will help as it is after 3:30am and the off beats have been stopping me from sleeping.

I talked with my main doctor and mentioned that I thought it might be gas, bringing up something from the movie Doc Hollywood where Michael J. Fox thinks a kid is going into AF and is ready to send him off in an ambulance when suddenly the older doc comes up, gives the kid a drink of soda, the kid burps and all is better.

First he blinked. Then he smiled and nodded, agreeing that this might be gas related and I may NOT have a serious heart issue, though after going out of whack I guess the heart tends to want to continue, so I donno. I do know I don't want to be on the metoprolol if I can help it...I don't like other things I've been noticing the beta blockers have been blocking, though it's not horrible and could be lived with. It's my hope that I can go back to being my normal self with some gas pills rather than adrenalin blockers. We have a fight or flight mechanism for a reason.

I'm set to see a cardiologist for the first time since my first AF back in June, so hopefully he/she will be better able to tell me what's going on. But I can guarantee with 100% accuracy that gas DOES have something to do with what I'm feeling.
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After reading what some of you have gone through, I've done some thinking about my past and I've come to see things in a different light. Over the last couple of decades I've had some really traumatic stuff happen. I had my head beat in and had bleeding on the brain that caused seizures for a couple of days, my first child died just before he was to be born, my third child was born autistic and at 3 was built like a linebacker. He violently attacked my wife daily until about a year ago. (He was sort of diagnosed with the superbaby syndrome where the brain doesn't tell the muscles to stop growing. His pedi. was lazy and didn't get the tests done to prove he had this, but you need only look at him to know he has it). On top of that I've had a string of "friends" come into my life just to scam what they could off me and my family. Life has been far too stressful.

Several years ago, when I still drank and smoked and guzzled coffee, I would get these weird fits of dizziness and then vomit. It was this weird tickle in my belly that would cause the problem. I wonder if that wasn't the start of one of those hernias people above have talked about.

Regardless, I think it's possible that the level of intensity of stress I've been under as well as the chronic smoking/drinking/coffee I was doing really screwed up my stomach. So if your gut can be one of the reasons for going into A-fib, It's rather likely that it is a stomach issue, rather than the heart itself.

Just hoping I can one day get off these damn meds. I'm not good at taking them.
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More to say, sorry if I'm blabbing too much. I've noticed that my posture might also have something to play in this. I'm 6/2 and I sit at a little desk most of the day, slouched in my chair. I weight about 235, about 25 pounds of that the result of quitting smoking. I'm half wondering if my A-fibs come because the way I sit pushes the gas pressure up into the bottom of my heart, thus putting stress on the top portion where I have my A-fib. Just a thought, but one that seems reasonable as I sit here and feel it happening.
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I had palpitations in my lower heart valves long before I went into A-fibs, and in many cases I would cough and it would help. Not always stop the palps, but help with them. I've only had a couple of A-fibs, but I will keep what you say in mind and let you know if it helps should I have another.
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It's amazing to read these MANY accounts of people suffering from AF connected with bloating. I am one of those sufferers, who has been the rounds of all the tests of my heart with completely normal results. When I suggested that bloating and AF were connected to a cardiologist, he smiled sagely and made NO comment. The truth is of course that current cardiology expertise (and thus diagnostics) is based on either physiological heart issues where the connection is obvious, or on the second diagnostic pathway where the experts will state 'cause unknown'.

I am very surprised that no serious cardiology research centre has not investigated the issue of bloating and AF seriously. The fact that there are so many her with EXACTLY the same symptoms as me, suggests that we can multiply the number of actual sufferers by at least 60%.
I would suggest that we might develop a specific questionnaire on line and produce our own statistical results and then send them to leading cardiology research institutions worldwide. What do you all think and how could we do this?
Professor Edward Cowie
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I am 46 years old, since 10 years  i am doing brisk walking after small oatmeal break fast and a cup of ginger tea(6:00 AM) after one hour of(at 7:15) small brake fast  I am doing brisk for 45 minutes every day. since five days, when I start walking after 10 to 15 minutes my heart beat fast and after that lots of gases forms and in feel discomfort in my heart but no pain, or fast breathing. some times in evening also becuase of gases my heart beat become fast , I am hypertensive, and I has gastick problem since 8 months, kindly advise me what I have to do.
Thanks Mujahad
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Yes, there is definitely a connection between Gas, Bloating and AFIB.  Especially not too long after Digestion.  If I have breakfast, and lunch during the day, I do not experience debilitating AFIB.  Mostly because I am up, active and moving around throughout the day.

It is usually after the evening meals when I begin to lay back on a sofa, or bed and read a book, newspaper or watch TV AND MY HEART IS AT REST.  This a double combination for trouble.  Trying to digest food and inactivity of the heart.  AFIB is less troublesome as long as there is some kind of body movement.  Making the heart do a little work.

During a relaxing layback on a bed sometime after eating - Gas will build up while my heart is RELATIVELY INACTIVE.  If I am not forcing blood through my veins (laying down) my heart will at times just begin to go into a crazy episodic AFIB mode which makes me feel terrible.  The heart is resting, relaxing and trying to digest food all at the same time.  IT TRIGGERS MASSIVE AFIB EPISODES while I am relaxed.   Then I have to sit up straight and/or start moving around.

When my heart is at rest in conjunction with bad digestion, the heart goes into a dangerous AFIB mode.  When the heart is working and blood is moving vigorously through the veins (any type of movement) the AFIB is lessened greatly.

There are two (2) contributing factors and the two together can work synergistically and quadruple the effect.  They are:
1) lying down after eating
2) heart at rest and blow flow much relaxed.

I don't know why, but when my heart is complete rest for 1, or 2 hours, it can trigger a crazy mode of AFIB which can come out of nowhere.  It usually happens to me in the evening when laying in a bed relaxing.  This is not to say that won't happen at other times of the day.  IT DOES.  However, an AT REST HEART and/or BAD DIGESTION CAN CAUSE THESE EPISODES.
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HI Edward,

I am checking to see how you went with the questionnaire and whether you managed to create one for sufferers to complete as I too suffer from stomach related atrial fibrillation after eating, and sometimes, from fasting as well.

If not I can shoot you a few ideas we can work on to create this questionnaire so that we may be able to send our statistical findings to the appropriate healthcare professionals for further investigation.

This problem needs to be dealt as we all shouldn't suffer like this during an era of modern advancements in medicine.

I will stand by for your response,


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HI McAuthor,

did you manage to find any natural remedies that helped as i suffer the same symptoms?


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I'm now 45 years old but first got this symptom back when I was in my early 20's. I had just exerted myself with some heavy work and had eaten a meal comprising beans. I fell asleep and awoke with palpitations in my chest. Needless to say, I was petrified. I started to cold sweat and felt light headed. I could move around but felt a bit woozy. I didn't know what to do and decided that if this was a heart attack I should get myself to the emergency room. I went to shower but forgot to turn on the hot water and a huge shower of cold water hit me. It was shocking but immediately my fibrillation stopped. I didn't know what caused it but it did not resurface until eight years after.
I was at home and felt this tightness in my chest. It took me back to the first time it happened. I tried breathing shallow because the deeper my breaths were, the more pressure I felt in my chest. As I inhaled, it triggered another episode. At the same time I felt my stomach was bloated and had the desire to burp but it wasnt happening. I took an alka-seltzer and did manage to let out some gas but the fibrillation kept on. I tried hot mint tea, hoping this would assist in relieving the gas pressure. Eventually, after a good session of de-gassing, my heart rhythm regained normalcy.
I went to the doctor the next day to get a general check-up but did not tell him anything that had happened. I asked for an ECG and he complied only to have a normal heart wave result.
It has been some years now and I have learnt to adjust my breathing to avoid 'squeezing' my heart when I am gassy. If I inhale deeply and feel a skip, I immediately and deliberately breath shallower to avoid tripping my heart off.
It seems that in my case, gas pressure causes my atrial fibrillation.

I am able to indulge in work or sporting activity where my heart rate exceeds 160 BPM and feel no side effects or discomfort. I try to avoid gas producing foods but it's hard to really determine or pinpoint perpetrators.
I'm just glad I have figured out the culprit and want to extend thanks to other members who have testified of their experiences as it was of help to me personally.

Mark of the Caribbean
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Woah! I think there's something to this!!

My breakfast this morning (Aug 29 2015) was a tortilla, a scrambled egg, some leftover squash from yesterday, and a heaping of pinto beans (about 2 servings since I like my beans). About 2 hours later I started noticing mild chest discomfort and a "full" feeling. Took my pulse and it felt slightly elevated, I would guess it was between 96-102 beats per minute, I usually have a resting heart rate of 86-92. Also I had this god-awful dizziness feeling. The dizziness feeling continued for a couple hours.

I am a high-anxiety person so I figured it was just my anxiety yet again (I've had false alarms before due to anxiety and even an ER visit some years back). I went ahead and made me a "Sleepytime" brand tea with chamomile, tilia, and hawthorn. Heated up some hot water in the micro and drank it down, then waited around 30 minutes for it to get into the system. Strangely the chest discomfort remained despite the tea, so I guess it wasn't anxiety afterall using the process of elimination.

The "full" feeling chest discomfort continued into the afternoon. Then, around 2 hours ago I discovered this thread and then I had an epiphany "hmmm, maybe it's gas?". Then I remember I had some generic Kroger anti-gas pills in the cabinet, I went ahead and took one and chased it down with some water. Around 30 minutes ago the strange "full" chest discomfort feeling disappeared completely and my chest area feels "relaxed" again.

There DEFINITELY seems to be a connection between gas/trapped air and chest/heart area sensations. I notice in the past I was always burping a lot when I've had mild chest sensations, and reading through this thread it all seem to make sense now.

Of course, my heart function still seems lacking with the high resting rate and borderline high BP. But at least I know to look out for gas now.
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I stumbled across this blog a few days ago and joined the community today. I too have this nasty gas related A-Fib. My episodes started in 2005 following  prostate surgery. Just prior to that I was diagnosed with throat cancer. I had been eating terribly, working too hard, and I believe the combination high carbs and sugar along with broad spectrum antibiotics created my first A-Fib attack. Not to mention the extreme stress from all of the above. I went into the hospital for 3 days while they tried everything they could to understand the heart issue's. They were able to stop it with a combination of IV drips and sent me home with Metropolol. 240 mg a day!! My heart did check out fine, but that Metropolol prescription eventually put me into bradycardia. It was a slow process to recover from all this. I say it was adding insult to injury. The past ten years I have been still struggling with digestive issue's and A-Fib. I believe my intestinal flora was critically damaged by antibiotics, sugar, and stress. I also believe my intestinal track is overloaded with bad bacterial overgrowth. I hate when the A-Fib comes, as it pulls the life out of me. It lasts for many hours, up to 4 days, and is constant. My diet is already as boring as can be, as I have very limited foods I can eat; and because of that it's extremely difficult to hold my weight. When the A-Fib is going, I can lose 5 lbs. in just a couple of days because my heart rate is so intense. My gut has been pretty bad through all this, but I have helped the bloating with HCL capsules ( 650 mg.) It really helped the bowel movements come back to normal. I started getting results when I got up to 4 or 5 pills with my protein meals. I have even tried up to 7 pills without any indication of burning in my stomach;  proving my hydrochloric acid in my stomach has been critically low. So in my case, I can easily say there was more than just one thing going on.
I'd like to thank Rich for starting this blog, as I am going to further my efforts to nip this heart crap in the bud. I'm going to start a high quality probiotic, charcoal, DCL, etc. adding it to my arsenal.
I haven't seen any delocat postings lately, as I have read everybody's from top to bottom. I hope your still checking in from time to time, as your input brings much hope in dealing with this debilitating health issue. I want to thank everyone for their posts. Let's keep this information going because we will help one another in our efforts to cure or improve our gut integrity and A-Fib episodes.
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Its been a little while since I've been on the site to review posts since I joined in 2013 and visited about a year ago. I recently googled some combination of related to atrial fibrillation and there was a sub-category for gas/vegal related links, which surprised me. As I had stated in one of my posts here, echoing what others have said, doctors, in lock step, won't admit any relationship. It's absurd.

I like your idea for developing a more thorough questionnaire.
5859036 tn?1442079376
I have read about cold water treatment. I think there was an episode of ER or one of those shows where a doctor explained that dunking your head in ice water triggers some mechanism in the brain that results in the regular (and slowed) rhythm returning. Found this on youtube:

5859036 tn?1442079376
I thought I had more of my own story on here than I see. I must have it posted on another forum, i guess.

I have been dealing with A-fib since 2004 possibly but did not know it at the time. From then until now they typically last about 12 hours and I can almost do a countdown, give or take an hour. In fact, the first time it was confirmed was about one month after I had an amplatzer occluder put in my heart a month earlier. This was the recommendation after have a mini stroke a year earlier with no clear reason for it. The specialist admitted that his explanation at best, was a guess because they could find no reason for the stroke. There was a "hole" in my heart, which is quite common, but that did not explain it. And there was a mutant gene in my blood, don't know if that qualifies me as a legit x-men, but it causes the blood to coagulate, but nothing serious. (The hematologist, after reviewing the blood tests concluded that 81mg of ASA was an adequate treatment along with the statin, a "standard" treatment for stroke). The stroke specialist surmised that a clot formed in the lower part of my body (from mutant gene) and passed through the "hole" in my heart. He said that this would probably never happen again even if I did not take medication or have the surgery, but that it might be psychologically better for me. And since Canada pays the bill, they are fine recommending relatively safe patients for surgeries whose successes help with statistical rates of these procedures. But for a month after the surgery I found myself dealing with severe gas issues and strange rhythms, sometimes very slow, at other times fast or irregular. One night, this meant a trip to the hospital where they announced that it was A-fib. I explained that I have had this happen before and the only reason I went to the hospital was because of the surgery and this event was more distressful than previous episodes, usually about 3-4 a year. They did not succeed in bring me out of A-fib and wanted to consult with cardiology to shock me back into rhythm, but shortly after a rather confusing conversation with the cardio intern, the heart returned to normal rhythm and they released me. Later, at a meeting with the surgeon who was doing follow up, he told me that had he known I had A-fib, he would never have recommended surgery as it usually leads to an increase in A-fib frequency. I told him that I had told he and the stroke doctor that I would occasionally have arrhythmias but never knew what was going on. The surgeon looked over the papers in my file and was surprised to see a notation to that effect. 5 minutes later he said that he would probably have still recommended the surgery. I won't bother expressing how frustrating hearing that is, as anyone on this thread is familiar with frustration when it comes to doctors. Anyway, they changed medications which helped settle down my severe gas and now have the occasional A-fib event as before, a little more frequently, but for me it is manageable and never lasts more than 12 hours. Gas related, yes. So many comments here are similar to my own. Some seem more severe and they have my sympathy because after surgery those events were debilitating. And because of this surgery, they changed my meds from ASA and a statin to a statin and Xaralto (raviraxarbon) which is a little more expensive and I'm really cheap and have no insurance. The surgeon thinks the A-fib caused my stroke. But I have met (at my insistence) with another specialist who understands A-fib who disagrees. My surgeon wants me to believe I have been having A-fib events and dont' know about it. But I do. Always. I'm paranoid. I check my heart rate even when i feel good for fear that maybe I don't realize it. But the fact is, when it happens you know it. I think that might make this kind of A-fib different from how other sufferers experience it, as I have read about those who don't know they are A-fib when they are. Of course, A-fib is a concern because if you are A-fib for a long time (I believe 48+ hours), when your heart goes back into rhythm there can be clotted blood in the lower chamber that might reach the brain and cause a stroke. So I've returned to using ASA for anticoagulation and keep some xaralto on hand should I go A-fib for more than 16 hours based completely on my understanding of how the medication works and how long my A-fib events have lasted in the passed. I've also stopped taking the statin because I am diabetic and get my blood tested regularly and if my cholesterol is going out of wack i know it. Naturally, my doctor is annoyed by me, and I understand. But when you are constantly ignored or dismissed by them, you start to wonder who they are really working for? Anyway, its been 2.5 years since surgery. A year off xaralto and statin. Blood work and blood pressure is always on the mark. Although my A1c was a little higher than my doctor liked recently. Another story. Anyway, walk if you can. Everyday. I guess stress as a factor for stroke is best left for another forum.
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I am enjoying this thread!  On occasion I have looked for other folks who think they have a connection between digestion and irregular heartbeats and I know you are exactly right.  I believe it is from a sensitive vagus nerve.

My history:

Fifteen years ago I had open heart surgery for a bad valve.  The operation had some complications and I ended up with a bit of scar tissue in one of the ventricles.  I already had some kind of racing heart issue that would happen every 5 years or so but after the operation it was happening all the time.  I went on Toprol and Amiodarone and received an ICD.  Every once in a while the drugs couldn't keep up and I would go into V-Tach which would trigger the ICD to give a jolt.  I have tried all kinds of things but this is what I know:  Gas and bloating, etc. is one of the main things that will cause my heart to go nuts.

The amiodarone quit working so my heart rhythm is managed by taking 50mg Toprol b.i.d., 400mg Multaq b.i.d., 150mg Mexilitene b.i.d..  I also take 0.5mg Xanax as needed (typically after being shocked by the ICD).

Over time I noticed that if my heart took off, if I could pass gas or burp, I had a pretty good success stopping the problem.

I was also taking omeprazole for heartburn and bloating for about two years!  I started thinking that maybe I had an issue with gluten and it was causing gas and bloating and everything.  So I quit eating gluten and eventually had to quit eating all those grains like oats and even quinoa, although rice does not seem to cause a problem.  Two days after quitting gluten I was able to quit taking omeprazole.  After 4 days I had lost 4 pounds.  Over the last year I have lost 20 pounds.  I eat whatever I want, as much as I want, I just don't eat wheat like stuff.  I am not a big guy anyway so 20 pounds is a lot!

When I quit eating gluten I also started taking Magnesium.  This last year and a half has been so much better on so many levels because of less gas and less v-tach it is unbelievable.

So long story short, for my arrhythmia issues I take:

50mg Toprol b.i.d.
400mg Multaq b.i.d.
150mg Mexilitene b.i.d.
0.5mg Xanax as needed (I usually take half that)

I also take Magnesium supplements (I think this is also a big one)

I rarely take omeprazole

I don't eat gluten

I also try not to eat processed foods

I think for most people, the single best thing I would recommend is to take Magnesium.  If you feel gas is an issue, start looking at removing wheat (gluten).

One final note, I have also noticed that if I am in the right (wrong) position, I can trigger an episode.  Two of those positions are:

Reaching my arm across the midpoint of my body like straining to reach for something on my left using my right arm.


Slouching in my chair at work while leaning to the left with my chin almost resting on my collar bone.  I know, sounds weird but…

I hope something in here helps you.  I am positive we have a sensitive vagus nerve thing and gas plays a role in triggering it to speed up or make our hearts beat irregularly.

Good luck!
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Ok, to keep this short and simple I will say that I almost have no doubt in my mind that gas or "intestinal problems" have caused my heart flutters ECT. I've done this multiple times In the past. I had a large amount of ice cream before bed last night, and was woke up to these episodes about 3am this morning and still lasting until now 8am. Especially when I lay back down. I've also found ways of laying that have made these flutters more frequent also. I'm 29, and in great health with no prior problems. Very sick of the worry and anxiety this has caused me. Seems to get worse as time goes by.
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Hi kennvido,

I get the same issues as you.  Like you said - even moving your arms up in the air would make it go away.  I have a feeling that it could be a hiatus hernia that gets upset and puts pressure on the diaphragm.  I get it exercising as well which is annoying and means I can only go for walks.
Have you found anything that helps you with this yet?  I'm trying!
dis you find any cure , im struggling with the same problems and i no longer want to live. gas gurgling pvc s for 10 months and 7/24 im so tired please help me
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Yes, I agree completely.  Every single Afib episode I have experienced was preceded by a huge bloating of my stomach.  My personal doctor thinks my gall bladder is bad even though I have had 3 thorough studies of it which showed my gall bladder function to be normal.  I am going to my cardiologist where I expect to me put on the drug amiodarone, a dangerous drug.  I have been to a gastroenterologist , even.  I also cannot find a Dr to believe me in this, or at least to try & figure it out!
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This is so did heartening- my husband has the bloating-gas-belching-afib-shortness of breathe and wants to die he is so miserable-drs clueless!!!! They say it is anxiety...stomach shows clear; oxygen level great; lungs clear but he's totally miserable and they think it's all in his head-he has a defribulator and is scheduled to have this $300,000 apparatus replaced with another more advanced version that will do all the work for his heart9 don't quote me on the details; but reading all your testimonials that the bloating causes the AFIB I can't see what this VERY EXPENSIVE procedure is going to fix?!?!
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