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Atrial Septal Defect

My 4 year old was just diagnosed with an ASD. The Dr we saw wants to see her again in one year and believes that she will have no problems in the future if it is left open. I am not sure the size of the opening, but she said it was small. That is great news, but I have since heard and read that many people have problems with this when they reach middle age and that the ASD should always be repaired.

So I guess my question is if it is in fact normal to leave an ASD alone and not correct it. Thanks
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We found out that our son had an ASD when he was 2 yrs. old.  AFTER we'd taken him to Gainesville, FL Children's Hospital for a heart catherization, we were also told that he wouldn't necessarily HAVE to have it repaired because it was so small, but that he might grow up as a frail child and might not be very strong.  Nevertheless, it was not life-threatening (we were told).   We mulled it over and prayed about a lot about what to do.  The Lord answered our prayers when thankfully my husband got hired at TVA, and 6 months later---at age 4---Kendall had his heart surgery, paid for completely by TVA's medical insurance.  We had decided that if the opportunity presented itself while he was young enough, that we would rather him have the surgery and grow up strong and healthy rather than frail and weakly.  PLEASE NOTE:  THE "SMALL" HOLE IN THE ASD TURNED OUT TO BE AS BIG AROUND AS A NICKEL, AND HE WOULD HAVE HAD A MASSIVE DEADLY HEART ATTACK BY THE TIME HE WAS 20 YEARS OLD, BECAUSE HIS HEART WOULD HAVE ALREADY WORN ITSELF OUT BY THEN.  SO DON'T TAKE THIS LIGHTLY>>>>HAVE THE SURGERY.  THE PEACE OF MIND IS WORTH IT ALL!
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