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Ayurveda heart treatment....

I recently came across this organization advertizing that they can cure heart disease withou angiography or surgery.


Their advertisements ask patients experiencing chest, heaviness in chest or breathlessness to come their Ayurveda clinic instead of going for angiography or other treatment in a hospital. They say they can reverse heart disease in six days using exercise, massage and steam baths.

Is it safe to try this treatment? It spooks me since their disclaimer says 1 in 2500 patients will experience heart attacks as a side effect. They say their treatment creates natural bypass by creating alternative arteries. Is this approved by American Hear Association? (One of their advertisements claims some paper was endorsed by AHA)

Any advice from a cardiologist will be greatly appreciated.

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I check it and looks like a nice place to enjoy a cheap (for European standards) and relaxed holiday...

If you are already treated of your ischemic issues (you already got stents or CABG), you have no symptoms and your doctor has told you to do a normal life and/or cardiac rehabilitation, I would be tempted to give it a try (without forgetting all your meds).

However I will not dare to go for a cure when you have angina or blockages. And I believe that in a week they can do what they promise ... make you walk 2 KM.. (they may have powerful vase dilators) but I do not believe that in a week they can cure you.

And we all can benefit from relaxation, meditation and respiration techniques.

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Thanks for the advice and the warning.

So in other words their claims about curing heart disease should not be taken seriously. The facility should be treated as holiday resort and not a medical treatment center. Also on further checking they do not have a cardiologist on staff or any modern equipment on the premises except ECG and BP meters. So it would be extremely dangerous to stay there for a heart patient. There is no well equipped hospital anywhere in the vicinity from what I found out.

Thanks again for your help.


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