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BAV, can't get life insurance

I have a bicuspid aortic valve, moderate regurgitation, and am otherwise heathly, active and fit.

Trouble is I can't get life insurance, which I'd like since we're starting a family. My agent issued a search for insurers willing to write for this condition but came up empty.

Anyone had success? Are there insurers that specialize in covering people with heart conditions?
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good luck, we can't even get my 4 year old life insurance. my hubby is healthy other then asthma and they won't cover him. I suggest looking into a whole life insurance. it is expensive, however in the long run you will be better off. you don't have a "time" frame like you do with the regualr life insurance like 15,20, 30 years and have to redo it all over again. as you get older it is more difficult to get it because  your bodu wears. this is what a rep told us from MET LIFE
good luck with the insurance and your start of your family
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I've had a New York Life policy for about 30 years.  At the time the policy was issued, I hda MVP/MR and because of that, I was issued the policy with "smoker's" rates.  My internist/cardiologist wrote a letter on my behalf, but I still had to pay smoker's rates.  I'm just now thinking of cancelling the policy since the kids are grown....

Good luck with getting the policy and please keep us posted.  I'm sure other members would like to know the answer to your question also.

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Look to H.R. 2833 and the accompanying Senate bill in re. Preexisting Condition Exclusion Patient Protection Act of 2007.  Its passage is a huge breakthrough in health insurance law.  Although it does not yet address life insurance, we can hope it indicates a trend in future legislation.

I may be cynical, but this sounds like it might be the kind of law that won't long endure the assault of the powerful insurance lobby, so we might all want to qualify our families as soon as possible.

My adult kids will, of course, have to be examined to find out if they have the inheritable bicuspid valve.  I have already advised them to obtain insurance coverage BEFORE they are diagnosed.  Of course, the applications will inquire about parents--too bad they didn't get a bunch of insurance a year ago, but who knew?    :-)  
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Thanks all for your comments. I've since seen a little light in googling "high risk life insurance", including a CNN/Money article that suggests some insurers (CNA, Mutual of Omaha, and Guarantee Trust): http://money.cnn.com/2001/10/07/insurance/life_hirisk/

Of course, it may well be that coverage is extremely expensive, but I'll take a look...
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