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Bacterial pneumonia after by pass surgery

My aunt got bypass surgery and she was fine after a week she had breathing problems and now she is in critical condition she has pneumonia and bacteria. and for some reason the hospital say that they cant find where the bacteria is coming from. I mean whats happening is my aunt going to die?
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Many virus and bacteria complications result from the hospital environment. Pneumonia can result if the patient doesn't get up and walk around within a few days of the surgery. Was your aunt in good physical condition prior to the operation?  Unfortunately, there are a small percentage of patients that have post operation surgery will have complications.  That is the risk of any operation, but if your aunt is well cared for and her strength remains adequate, the outcome should be favorable.  

Sorry to her of your aunt's condition.  Thanks for sharing and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Take care
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It is likely that the infection already existed pre-op. It was likely just a very small pocket of infection in the lungs and has now taken hold due to major surgery and the body immune system has prioritised on the wounds. It sounds as though a microbiologist has done his work and established that the infection is bacterial and not viral, so the appropriate antibiotics can be administered. The first few days are critical, if breathing is not sufficiently getting oxygen into the blood stream, then a ventilator will be used to pressurise the air in the lungs. If the infection is brought under control quickly, which is usually is with the right antibiotics, then there is a very good chance for recovery. Some patients require oxygen at home for up to two years after, but it depends if they have any lung damage to be repaired from the infection. It can be a long tough and scary ride and at times it seems the patient takes one step forwards and then two backwards. It really is waiting for nature.
How bad is your Aunt at the moment? is she on a ventilator that's breathing for her? if so, how long has she been on this?
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yes my aunt is on a ventilator" shes been on the ventilator seance 1-13-11 before she had the operation she had arthritis, and she is a smoker. but other then that she was fine even now she is aware when of whats going on she opens her eyes and try,s to talk but she has tubes in her mouth. she so medicated that she sleeps a lot. she took the surgery so good she was strong then this happen I am just praying  that she gets better. Thank you all for your responds.  
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Thank you for your response.  Very sorry, but it appears she has good care and her previous strong constitution and attitude is beneficial positive.  I wish her well going forward.
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My wife was the same. Looked great in the ward after surgery and talking to everyone. Two days later she seemed to talk nonsense and when I questioned the nurse, she said it was the medication. I wasted no time in finding her consultant who did a blood gas and she was very low on oxygen, even though the finger clip sensor stated 98%.
You can ask the nurse to explain the numbers on the ventilator to you. One shows the pressure being applied by the machine into the lungs and this is one to watch. When they can turn the pressure down a bit each day, it shows the lungs are recovering. Eventually they breathe for themselves and can have the tubes removed. The reason she is sedated is to stop her panicking and trying to pull out the tubes and to keep her body relaxed for a better recovery. If she hasn't worsened since 13-1, and the pressure hasn't had to be increased, then there is a good chance for recovery. Thank goodness this happened after the bypass, she needs her heart to be strong.
Please keep us informed as to her progress. I assume they are feeding her through a tube into the stomach? the sooner she gets off the ventilator the better because she can have a good solid meal.
On a last note, how is the surgical wound doing? is it drying up nicely or very wet? They had to use a vacuum pump on my wife to keep the wound dry and help it to heal.
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