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Benicar and the heart

I recently had open heart surgery, 4 bypasses.  I was on Benicar 20mg. a day before the surgery along with Zocor to control cholesterol.  I am now on Plavix, Toprol XL, Zocor and Benicar.  My blood pressure has been low, in the range of 90/60 since the surgery but the cardiologist wants me to continue the Benicar.  He said it's "good for the heart". Has anyone ever heard of this before?  My understanding was that Benicar is for high BP. Also, I have been feeling very down and blue a lot of the time.  What could be causing this other than the fact that I just (3 weeks ago) had open heart surgery.  I feel that it's one or a combination of medications causing this???  Does anyone else have side effects from this combination of drugs???

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My cardiologist wants my blood pressure as low as possible without side effects.  Lower blood pressure reduces the workload of the heart and provides time for the heart to completely recover from the operation. If you experience dizziness, fainting, etc., your doctor may want to adjust the medication, but if you can tolerate your current blood presssure the better it is for your heart.
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