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Beta Blocker's Effectiveness (Propranolol)?

I've been on Propranolol for HBP, Tachycardia and Anxiety for 3 weeks. Before Taking the drug, my BPs were always around 140-150 systolic and 85-90 diastolic and my pulse hung around 100. After 3 weeks of taking Propranolol, my blood pressure remained about the same but my pulse had gone down to around 70.

MY question is: Can a non-selective beta-blocker reduce pulse but not blood pressure.

I ask this because I'm worried that my BP has risen and IS being affected by the drug and it just SEEMS the same.

-A Paranoid 15-year-old
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beta blockers only affect how hard the heart can work. Cardiologists seem to prescribe these automatically now with any problems as a safetly feature. It's like the petrol pipe
in your car being squeezed if you try to over rev the engine. Beta blockers should have
no affect on your blood pressure at all. Other drugs are prescribed to sort out that problem if necessary.
You have to realise that on beta blockers things will not feel the same. You are used to
your heart racing when needed and jumping to any occassion. Now it can't, it has been
limited to keep it safe. I can really feel my beta blockers holding me back but you get used to it after a while. When and IF you come off beta blockers, it is important that the dosage is gradually reduced and you simply dont stop taking them. The heart has to be
weened off them gently. If I forget to take my Bisoprolol, I soon realise. My heart starts
to race like mad and it feels very uncomfortable.
I hope this helps to reassure you.
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They do have an affect on your blood pressure. However, they also fail to reduce the blood pressure in the aorta as much as other drugs, which means that betablockers are less effective at preventing stroke.
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I agree with the other comments. Beta blockers are just one class of drugs that doctors prescribe to relax the heart. Many other medicines reduce the blood pressure rather effectively since their functionality is different.
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