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Beta Blockers and NSAID (advil,etc

Does anyone take NSAID's with their Beta Blocker? I take Toprol XL and it said there is a moderate drug interaction.
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With all b.p medications -you have be very carefull of drug interactions - its sometimes best to read online - for each name or brand of bp meds - the interactions ,as there are meny listed !  that the doctor or pharm may or maynot tell you about .
and moderate interaction could turn to be a heavy interaction with some people..
I took Toprol xl for years  and it drove me nuts, with what I could take and couldnt take
my doctor at the time told me to take advill as I had extream cramping pains !  I took it
and it interacted bad !  after reading the interaction charts online - I found advill interacted with toprol xl -  my dumbell doctor never checked interactions ?  so always read before you take anything !  or you could end up in the E.R.  or worse ! I fear !

hope that helped - booger the nose
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Like booger the nose said, all meds are different for all people, best to check with the doctor, with the pharm and on the internet (as an extra precaution).

I have taken Inderal and Naproxen before without incident, but I can't say for certain you would have the same experience.  If I had to guess, I'd say you'd be fine, but for peace of mind, give the doctor's office a call to get their opinion.
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