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Beta-blockers for pvc's

Dear Doctor, I take a beta-blocker for pvc's called Toprol XL at 100 Mg. a day. Lately it hasn't been helping so my doctor just recently increased the dose to 150 mg. He gave me the option of either increasing the dose or changing to a different beta-blocker. I didn't know which would be better so I just agreed to take a higher dose of the Toprol. Is there a difference in Beta-blockers when it comes to treating pvc's? In other words, can one beta-blocker be better than another for this particular problem? The Toprol seemed to control these things since 1994 but since June of this year the pvc's are worse than they've ever been. I do the usual "fasting". No caffeine, no alcohol, and I have less stress in my life than I've had in a long time. Anyway, if you could just tell me if there is a more suitable beta-blocker for the pvc's I'd really appreciate it. How's the snow? Wish we had some here in Pennsylvania! Thank you for your time and answers. Luv, Martie
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In general beta-blockers work the same way and I probably would have tried the increased dosage as well.  You still have some room to go up should the need arise.  In the meantime look for other possible sources of your PVCs (i.e. new foods, increased stress, etc).  Godd luck.
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Hi Martie,
I'm a newcomer to PA.  Unfortunately, I'm no newcomer to the PVC game.  Would love to talk with someone else in my area who is a fellow sufferer.  Maybe we can exchange some ideas and thoughts on these things.  Email if you'd like to.
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Hi Lisa, I Tried to E-mail you but was told there is a permanent error with your address. Sorry but I did try. Martie
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To Martie and Lisa......

Hi, I'm also in Pennsylvania, and struggling with irregular hearbeats, and runs of irregular beats together that I just can't catch on a monitor!  Very frustrating.

If either of you are interested in e-mailing, please write me at ***@****

- Kathy
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Hi again Martie,
Must be excite email.  It's alway aggravating.  Try emailing at this one.  ***@****
And, I got your email address Kathy, you're not far from me. I'll be writing.
Looking forward to talking to you both.
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I too have major PVC's that just floor me.  I would really appreciate all of your input.  I'm 34, female, 2 months pregant with the worst symptoms ever.  Just re-started Inderal.  I weaned off of it because of the pregnancy.

I am at ***@****

Take care and thanks!


P.S.  I have several PVC's an hour!  Just one after another?  Are all of yours this bad?

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