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My question today is that, 2 nights ago, i had a sharp pain at the right side of my chest, finding it difficult to breath in deep. It was like something blocked my breathing system that i had to force myself to breath. Please advice.
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I would agree that contacting your doctor is important any time one gets chest pain, but most people who have had heart attacks or frequent angina, like myself, report heart issues as being a pressure feeling in the center of the chest that radiates towards the left side of the chest, not sharp pain.  Best wishes
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im not a Doctor - but had a few pains and problems.
Have to ask ,are you on any type of b.p medications ?  2nd when something like that happens, its always best to get to doctor asap !  the heart and lungs work together.  
you maybe alright now , but who knows about later today or tomorrow ?  the pain is there
for a reason , could be nerves, something pinched, or spazum , or heart problem !
the lungs congested or clogged not working right is not good..

I would see a doctor asap!  and get checked out fully !  better to be safe than sorry.
plus it cant hurt , to know if your alright or not !  

take care
and best wishes Boogernose
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