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Blood Pressure Question

I am 42y male with normal blood pressure readings. I used to measure my BP in frequent manner 2 times a day (8am and 11pm). The morning reading usually 110/70 and the late night reading is 115/75. My questions are:

1- Is it normal to have different reading between morning and night.
2- Some time my morning reading is 115/75 not 110/70 (with the same setting and arm position, and time of the day). Is this slight rise considered normal?

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Blood pressure will slightly alter all the time, there are many factors to take into account. Even if you are still digesting food, the pressure will alter because more blood is required to be transferred to the gut. To be honest, it would be more worrying if your pressure was exactly the same each time you measure it. You have very good blood pressure by the way.
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Ed is correct, BP is dynamic and is affected by many things. As long as your readings are under 120/80 you're doing great.
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