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Blood Pressure

my blood pressure is 92/42 is this too low ?
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Hi there. Im not a doctor but here is some general advice. Normal blood pressure should be just under 120 over 80. Low blood pressure is classified as being less than 100 over 60 ( Either number) If you are in good health, there should be little cause for concern. Are you fit? Do you exercise regularly? I suppose the important question doctors will ask you is '' is your low BP numbers creating any symptoms'' This question is key to planning any investigations/ treatment. If you are having no problems, they may well just put you out for regular reviews. Do you take any BP meds? If so you may need re evaluation to alter dosage. In the first instance, make an appt with your doctor and have a 24 hour ABPM test, to give a full picture of your numbers over 24 hours
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