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Blood analysis

I recently received my blood test results about cholesterol amongs others and I am not sure what it means anyone can help a bit with the reading?
TChol 5.62H  mmol/L
           218H  mg/dl
HDLC  1.27    mmol/L
            49     mg/dl
LDLC    4.00 H  mmol/L
             155 H    mg/dl
TG        0.77 mmol /L
             67 mg/dl
Anyone can give me any tip and if it is reeeeally high ( I know it´s a bit high ahha) any good tip to bring it down?

Thank you!

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Yeah, it's high.  Here's mine (along with 'normal' test ranges).

Tchol 2.00-5.19 (3.48)
LDL 1.50-3.39 (1.88)
HDL >0.90 (1.30)
Chol/HDL <4.9 (2.68
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As to getting it down, what are your:

height, weight, and waistline?  
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Your LDL is borderline high, which makes both your total cholesterol and your ratio of total cholesterol to HDL a little too high, also.  Your triglycerides are good.  Your HDL is okay.  LDL is really the only issue here, and even it's not crazy high.  The common advice for borderline high LDL is to eat less saturated fat, make sure you are eating a good amount of soluble fiber in your diet, lose weight if you are overweight, exercise regularly, and don't use tobacco.  Good luck.
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