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Blood pressure changes

Hi all.  It has been a while.  Hope all is well with everyone.

I was wondering at what point should someone call their doctor concerning their BP and HR.  In other words when is it at a dangerous level?  

Mine of course with Spring seems to be on the rise again with all of the symtoms.  My sugar levels have been climbing too.  With the sugar levels I figure I'm safe as long as they don't go over a fasting 200.  I'm not quite sure about BP and HR though.  I can't seem to remember.  Thank you in advance for any reply's.  ;~)
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Thank you so much for your concern.  I have put my diabetes scale on here for the 80 - 110 range and I guess I need to watch it a little closer.  At were I had it, it looked pretty good....now it looks like I'm off.  Sigh.  LOL  I'm just a little competitive with my labs looking good.  hee hee.
Most of the foods I like to eat are on the high glycemic index.   I need to go back to the doctor here in a couple weeks.  Trying to wait so that I can try to get everything done at once,   (Ex. Bld work, test, etc.) in hopes to save a little money for insurance reasons.  Until then I guess I just need to read more.  Yay.  LOL

Thank you again;  Amy.  ;~)
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Amy, I'm concerned.  I frankly know a great deal about diabetes, having had it for a long time, and having lost several friends and family members to the disease.  I would suggest you research it again.
An A1C rating is 6 is very good, below the average.  However, it isn't rated 4 - 6, its open-ended both high and low.  A fasting glucose level of 150 would concern me very much, that's way to high.  Tight control of glucose level would be a reading of no more than 100.  However, 80 - 110 is acceptable.  Readings over that are very definitely high.  Also, diabetes is influenced by many more foods than sugar.  Almost all 'white' foods, like potatoes, rice, bread, pasta will raise your blood sugar.  When your glucose levels climb, it's hard on your heart arteries which can and do lead to high blood pressure and other heart issues.
Exercise and tight dietary control is essential to someone with diabetes. A fasting glucose level of 150 is very, very high, and 200 is almost off the chart I suggest you go to the American Diabetes Association and look at their information.  Best wishes.
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I last had it tested toward the beginning of February.  My AIC was 6 (on a scale of 4-6).  My sugar tolerance numbers were high though 236 at the 3 hour time after the sugar drink in February.  I've been checking them weekly because my AIC number was climbing .02 -.04 points every other month.  Not much but, I have been keeping my eye on it to be on the safe side.  My sugar tolerance test is why she said I have Type ll Diabetes though.  
No I'm not on any med's at all.  I've been keeping the fasting sugar under 150 on my own at home, by eating 3 meals a day and snacking vs. just one meal.     The sugar drink makes them shoot high though (the drink for the test) because my body is not used to that much sugar.  I DON'T eat any at home, so it's much much lower.  I hope that makes since.  Sorry for the confusion.  Take care;  Amy  ;~)

P.S.  We love fishing and the outdoors too.  Take care.
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Have you had your A1C tested recently?  

A fasting blood sugar reading of 200 is very, very high, and a reading of 60 at any time is dangerous.  I'm guessing diabetes is at the core of your other problems.  When I had reading like that I had to inject, not take diabetes oral meds.  I have type 2 diabetes and since losing a lot of weight my fasting blood sugar readings are about 100.

I would double my efforts to control type 2 diabetes with the medications you must have been prescribed, usually they are very inexpensive.  If it stays out of control (fasting level of 200 is way out of control) you definitely will have a whole lot of medical issues.
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Hi, re reading this again I see I worded it wrong again.  Sorry this is sort of new to me.  Toward the bottom I said "now I eat 3 daily and try to snack when my levels get below 60."  What I meant to say is I'm learning when it gets LOW to snack on an orange or peanut/celery stick.  I don't like it to get below sixty because (for me) it makes me feel funny.

I was wondering does your sugar levels set off your BP & HR or does your BP & HR set off your sugar?  Or does it just depend on the situation.  LOL  Mine all seem to fluctuate around a bit, dispite watching what I do or how I eat.  I was just curious.

WOW...I really hope I worded it right this time.  Sorry for my ignorance!  ;~)
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Hi.  It's been a while since I've been on here, sorry.  I was diagnosed with Type ll diabetes due to my sugar tolerance test.  My 2 hour level was 230 and my 3 hour level was 236 and kept showing up high on my HAIC level for ~6 months so she said I was diabetic.  

I've been managing it on my own without med's and keeping it under 150.  Today it was 132 in which is higher than normal for me.  I've been trying to keep it under 120.  Sorry after re reading the post; it is confusing.  I meant I' de probably be safe as long as it doesn't hit 200.  

I do take aspirin due to my interatrial septal aneurysm and to prevent clots, Lopressor, Lipitor, Diazide Maxide (for edema), and levothyroxine (for thyroid issues).  

I've been checking my BP/HR and Sugar on my own at home once weekly or when I feel symptomatic.  I don't want to take any more pills unless I absolutely have to in which meaning controlling it threw diet and exercise.  I eat pretty healthy, I just wasn't eating enough so threw MH members and the internet, I have been learning on my own (since my insurance does not cover classes).  Example instead of one or two meals a day, now I eat 3 daily and try to snack when my levels get below 60.  I think my thyroid could be involved too but I'm not sure.  

Too many issues lately.  I've just been trying to weed threw them on my own.  My medical expenses have been very hard lately and last time I went to the doctor she wanted a colonoscopy, abdominal CT, laparoscopy/ biopsy, Pap Test and Mammogram and with my throat being swollen on one side probably a ultrasound of it too.  Urggg.  

Anyhow so sorry for going on and on.  LOL  Will keep you posted and thanks again.  ;~)

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Amy, have you had a diagnosis of being diabetic?  I'm guessing so if you are checking your blood sugar levels.

Being diabetic and having lots of heart trouble and high blood pressure issues myself, I can tell you that a fasting glucose reading of 200 would get my attention in a New York minute.  Your arteries are becoming inflamed at that reading and you will start to experience high blood pressure as well as be at risk for blood clots in your heart arteries.  You need to strive for a fasting blood sugar reading of no more than 100, and believe me, if you ignore that advice, there are consequences of heart, eye, kidney disease.

I'd advise you to contact your health professional and report the bp reading/blood sugar results asap.  They both are way out of whack, and probably are related.  Keep us informed.  
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Thank you so much my dear friends for your reply's.  I've been having issues with coughing/vomiting thick stringy mucus (sorry for sounding gross) for over 3 months now (2 - 4 X/day).  SOB is pretty normal for me along with chest pains and palps.  Though I did have a rough one on my birthday (25th) that made my neck and shoulders hurt and then went numb along with my arms for about 20 minutes.  That was a little scary...Turned out to be nothing though.  I joked afterwards that I made it threw another year with a red face.  hee hee.  

Last week my HR was pretty low (149/85 HR 59 I think).  This week it has been going up along with my glucose levels.  
My resting rates today are 135/93  HR 90 and if I walk up the steps it is going to 169/103 with a HR of 118.  What it does while I'm working in the yard is hard to say.  

Needless to say with all of that.  I just wanted to check and make sure I wasn't pushing it too hard and ignoring something I shouldn't.  Sounds like I'm within the guidelines of what both of you have to say.  

Thanks so much my dear friends.  Love you both and hope all is well.  HUGS

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Hi Amy,
A heart rate sustained greater than 100 at rest can indicate a serious heart condition.  My HR was 115 for  day or so before I went to ER and diagnosed with CHF.

I'm not sure about high BP, normal is 120/80.  If there is a serious condition the BP may be lower than normal.  
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I think any systolic over 160 deserves a call to the doctor. Something close to 200, you should go to ER.

Heart rate - that depends on why the rate is high (I assume you aren't worried about too low). My heart rate jumps as high as 198 bpm but doesn't last long (less than a minute). If you're symptomatic - fainting, can't breathe well, chest pain - see the doctor. If your heart rate is tachy, over 120 for any length of time, like an hour or more, see your doctor.

Perhaps someone else has medical recommendations. These are just my own thoughts and how I would handle it. Well, maybe since I don't go to the doctor except when I have to. But these are guidelines I would use for my kids.
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