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Blood pressure medications

What questions should I ask re what type of blood pressure medication I should be on?    I tried benicar and lisinopril and caused sinus drainage - however, they worked    Then tried hydrochlorothiazide which cause major constipation .... Now on amlopidine beselate and coreq cr and have fatigue....seems the latter meds are overkill as I had only one coronary stent over 10 hrs ago and cardiologist a few weeks ago said my heart is fine.   I do have shortness of breath that internist says may be related to high blood pressure, and cardiologist says may be related to mild sleep apnea (5 is normal and mine is 7)...I need a milder blood pressure med that does not fatigue me.  I am 72 yr old female.  Any suggestions?  

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Sounds like you tried most classes of high  BP meds. Benicar is an ARB, which I take, that works by helping your arteries stay more flexible to help absorb each beat. Lisinopril is a beta blocker which works by slowing your heart rate. It's odd that both of these causes a symptom like sinus issues as each works differently. Hydrochlorothiazide is just a water pill that lowers BP by removing fluid from your system which will lower BP. I also think your current meds are a bit much, but I do not have a medical degree like your doctors so I would never second guess him. The ARB's work for me and have the fewest side effects, but everyone is different.

I guess I would ask him why he has chosen your current meds. Also, is there any chance that the sinus problems may have been a coincidence?

Hope this helps,

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Erijon and I agree that you are taking strong meds.  How high is your blood pressure?  Shortness of breath is certainly a major symptom of a blockage in a heart artery, have you had a stress test recently?
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How high your BP is?
Have you tried just to stop salt intake?

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