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Blood test results today

6 months ago my Lipid profile was...
LDL 123.74 mg/dl    HDL 30.93 mg/dl   TRIGS 159.43 mg/dl

I gave up as sugar consumption as possible from two days after that test.
Todays results....
LDL 84.94 mg/dl  HDL 54.13 mg/dl   TRIGS 53.14 mg/dl

My Doctor and Cardiologist are in such disbelief that they have ordered another test for the end of the month.
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wow,those are amazing results after just 6 months. my lipid profile was excellent. total 185 ldl 128 hdl 37 triglycerides 101. but still,i was diagnosed with CAD.
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Wow.  Your recent numbers are fantastic!
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If only I could get results like that. Even with the Tricor and Pravastatin my Trigs were still around 325.  ***sigh***   Congenital defect.
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In 2007 my total cholesterol serum was 340 mg/dl thanks to hypercholesterolemia. Now, can they actually really diagnose this without genetic testing? or do they simply take it for granted that you must have this problem if your cholesterol is over a certain value? From 2007 until 6 months ago, I just took atorvastatin 40mg and ezetimibe 10mg and did nothing with my diet to really speak of. Those meds knocked it down to acceptable levels without me doing anything. I then read about sugar consumption playing a huge role in atherosclerosis, and my Doctor even now believes it's probably a mixture of both fats and sugars. So I decided to experiment. I drink LOADS of green tea and had 3 teaspoons of sugar in every cup. I now have none. It tasted like sewage at first though, so had to get used to it. I was also a huge chocoholic. Bar after bar. I've removed all chocolate from my diet and that was actually as hard as giving up smoking. Believe it or not, the cravings I had were enormous. I would think of chocolate and sweat and shake. The one thing I have not done, is lower my fat intake. I still consume the same fat I was consuming in 2007. I have full fat milk in my tea. I eat the fat attached to steak pork or lamb. I eat a fair amount of fried foods, I think the bacon/eggs/mushrooms/tomatoes etc must be a british thing :)  
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I finally made a dent in my TGLs on my annual test last week. they had been running a few points plus or minus 300, once as high as 399. Last week, 195 with a TC of 158, LDL 79 and HDL 40 and a ratio of 4.2. I'll take it, it's not Ed good, but still good enough for me.

Also, nice work Ed!
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