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Body Checkup Results (Echo Testing, Chlorestrol, HDL, PPBS)

Hi, below are test results of a male with the age of 73 years:



Findings : Concentric LVH.Normal cardiac chamber dimensions.Normal LV systolic function, LVEF: 60%. No RWMA at rest. Reduced LV compliance.All cardiac valves are structurally normal. Mild MR, No AR, No PR, Mild TR. No PAH, RVSP: 25 mm Hg.No clots/ vegetation/ effusion.

Impression : Concentric LVH.Normal LV systolic function, LVEF: 60%.Reduced LV compliance.Mild MR, Mild TR, No PAH.


HDL CHOLESTEROL - SERUM / PLASMA (Direct Enzymatic Colorimetric)

Result - 40 mg/dL



Result - 7.54%



Result: 233 mg/dL

Inference- Values are Higher than Normal


Can you please reflect on the results of echo screening in layman terms.

(1) What does the echo result mean? What’s the reason behind bad results of echo testing?
(2) What is Concentric LVH? How serious is this? What are the risks associated with it? Can it be completely prevented? What are the treatment options? What food can be consumed going ahead?
(3) What is mild MR and mild TR? Is it completely reversible or can be treated permanently? What are the risks associated with it?
(4) Are the bad echo screening results because of high PPBS & HDL?
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