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Borderline ECG

Hi all, I just came back with a borderline ECG which makes me worry since the doctor did not explain clearly what it means. The results of the ECG are as follows:
bp 120/80 mmHg
Lungs clear

ECG results:

Vent rate 78 bpm
PR int 164 ms
QRS dur  90ms
QT/QTc in 358/391 ms
P/QRS/T axis 60/211/17
RV5/SV1 amp 0.550/0.795 mV
RV5+SV1 amp 1.345 mV

1100 Sinus Rhythm
5120 Possible right ventricular hypertrophy
9130 borderline ECG

Actually the ECG was done in a hurry manner like in less than 10 minutes time. Frankly I was worry while laying on the bed.should I be worry? I went to see the doctor because I have a light pain on my left chest if I press on it. Last time I got similar symptom for drinking so much coffee. Hope someone could help explain the results to me..

Thanks all and have a nice day
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Did they order any further tests: Lab work, Echocardiogram, Stress test?
"Hypertrophy" means thickening of the heart muscle, usually from high blood pressure, and to be safe, they should be following up on that ECG.
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Not yet, but I am scheduled for an appointment. so may be during that they will ask for the test(s).

Thanks for the answer. How about all the numbers? any clue?
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I'm betting you counted the 10 minutes including the prep time, and usually an ECG records 8 seconds of heart history.

I can't read the numbers, but do know from both experience and from conversations with doctors that if you get any kind of pain from outside pressure, it almost never is a Cardiac event.  Also, a ECG is particularly valuable to see if a heart attack is in progress or if there is a gross problem with the heart, but not particularly valuable as a diagnostic tool otherwise... but can be valuable as a baseline measurement if you have a cardiac event in the future.
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thanks for the answer. Yup the ECG test was really short. I am going for another one and a stress test may be. Thanks all
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That is the BOT evaluation, final decision is made by cardiologist. I have three ECG's, all had different BOT  evaluations
If cardiologist suspects hypertrophy he would send patient to echo
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