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Break Thru Fast Heart Rate on Metoprolol ER

I have been on Metoprolol ER for 4 wks at 25mg per day. No doctor can figure out why my heart rate was higher than 100 before taking the beta blocker....except for the fact that I am bed ridden from an auto accident for the past 18 yrs. I notice now that its not keeping my heart rate down for the last 2 days like it did in the beginning. I went to the ER last night. I fear that my heart is weakening or I have heart failure. They gave me ativan which made me weaker and my heart go faster. This makes no sense. I have been feeling so ill.....I've been bed ridden for 18 yrs and I'm afraid my heart is weakening by the day. AFter I eat my heart goes really fast for hrs and hrs before it settles back down. The only tests I have had done are an ECHO 4 wks ago...before the beta blocker and the cardiologist refuses to see me again...blaming it all on anxiety. The beta blocker was working. When I took the ativan it caused my heart to go faster. I'm so afraid my heart is getting weaker and weaker. I know there are people on this forum who do have weak hearts...is this a symptom of my heart getting weaker ? My heart pounds like crazy for hrs after I eat...and now the beta blocker is not keeping my heart rate down and I'm short of breath. EVerytime I go to the er they say its anxiety. There is only one cardiology group I can go to with my insurance. Is this a symtom of my heart giving out ? Can someone plz help ! My heart beats very fast after I eat....or if I try and get up and do anything at all. I have no swolen ankles or feet. They say my ekg and echol came back normal. I'm scared my heart is getting weaker and weaker. Can someone please help.
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Hi, Your heart is not getting weaker, this is known as heart failure and they would certainly have seen something so obvious on the echo scan you had. You know, many people find their heart beats harder/faster when consuming food. A substantial amount of blood is re-routed to your digestive system to process food you've consumed. This causes the heart to work harder. Sensing your heart rate increasing and becoming concerned will give you an adrenaline shot, increasing it even further. In most cases, beta blockers will allow your heart rate to go well over 100 bpm, but they will control how quickly it can jump to that rate. In other words, it makes adrenaline have a more slowly affect on the heart rather than quickly jumping from 70bpm to 180.
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