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Breastbone pain

The past six days at different intervals, I have had discomfort in the center of my breast, seemingly right in the bone. It doesn't hurt to breathe, but it hurts enough I think about it all the time while it lasts, which is possibly 1/2 to an hour.  I had it now and took an aspirin, and put an "Icy Hot" heat therapy patch on.    After 45 minutes it is about gone.

We have no heart problems among my siblings or parents who are diseased.  I am 81 and very very active, eat well and travel a lot, and get enough sleep.     However, 11 days ago I got a head cold, which soon went into my chest and I've coughed a lot.   The last days I cough less, but there is still clear mucus that is hard to get rid of.   I have tried to get 9-10 hours sleep to get rid of the cough (that many have).  

Have you any suggestion about the breastbone pain?   Thank you.   ssselr

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