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Buzzing Neck

I am a 25 year old female/chronic worrier and I have been suffering from severe panic
and anxiety for the past two months.
I looked up the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, of which I had many.  
I started to look for a swelling in my lower right neck.  I didn't find one
for quite a while, but one day
it seemed to be a little swelled, and after a couple of days of constant
monitoring, I noticed that the front bottom right of my neck throbbed.
I started feeling the area and noticed a buzzing/vibrating sensation in one spot
right above my collar bone.  My doctor ran numerous tests and all
came back normal except for an elevated WBC and prescribed some antibiotics
for abscessed wisdom teeth which I have been taking for
four days so far.  Now most of my anxiety/panic symptooms
are under control, but the throat problem persists.
My questions are:  What could be causing
the throbbing/buzzing?  Could it be related to my infection?

Thank you so much for your time.
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Dear nonie,
The neck swelling due to hyperthyroidism is located in the thyroid and is more generalized rather than one spot.  Blood flow in arteries and veins can create a "buzzing" sensation and the medical term for this is a "venous hum" or "arterial bruit".  Usually these are benign.  Occasionally a bruit may be due to a narrowing in the artery and this can be screened for with an ultrasound.
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I was obsessive about checking the lymph glands in my neck for a bit.  I would palp them many times in the course of a day.  I believe that I caused them to swell by manhanling them too much.  Perhaps you can irritate that area of your neck as well?

Lay off!
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You are so right. I do the same thing with anything I feel out of the ordinary, and I have forbidden myself to touch it again.
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