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C-Reactive Protein - Cardiac Inflammation

I have had congestive heart failure-like symptoms for more than a month; but the symptoms do not fully subside with Lasix diiuretic therapy - which they did in one instance, before.  Now, I  get a chest fullness feeling during exertion - walking in from the parking lot.  Recent blood work shows elevated C-Reactive Protein, generally indicating systemic, probably cardiac, inflammation.  My PCP wants to wait for a Cardiologic EchoCardiogram interpretation - to rule out blockage, valve regurgitation, etc. before  putting me on a course of antibiotics.  

While  waiting, can I  help myself by taking some OTC NSAID's such as ALEVE, just to see if there is any improvement, particularly under exertion.    
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What was your CRP?  Was it the hs-CRP?  I had mine checked when I was having some tests at the Mayo Clinic.  My level was a 5.

From what he told me, hs-CRP is a marker of inflammation but a NONSPECIFIC marker.  In the absence of other abnormal lab findings (and assuming all cardiac tests are normal, it is difficult to directly relate the CRP finding to the heart.  

At least that is what I was told.  I've had my CRP rechecked about 3 times since and all were basically above 3.  I am having chest discomfort, that fullness feeling, and other typical heart disease symptoms--yet no heart problems (thankfully!!)

Best to you..  
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