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CC second opinion recommendation

I posted a few wks ago (it took me 2.5ys to get my first Q to post, now 2 in 3 wks, so no more posts from me) and got a reply in which you suggested that I may have diastolic dysfunction causing some of my symptoms.  This has not been suggested as a possibility.  I am wondering if you have a name or two for me to consider getting a second opinion at CC in the next mth or two?   We are in Colorado.  

My health profile key points are:  borderline high cholesterol which is new, HTN, asthma, strong family hx of heart disease, dx of cardiomyopathy in 2005/06 (current EF normal at 53%), hx of PE (2006) and open dx of inclusion body or polymyositis per clinical picture, MRIs, bloodwork and lung function results through 2006, showing poor muscle function. Recovered corticoadrenal insufficiency,  Protein S deficiency, residual mitral valve regurgitation and some atrial enlargement.  I am 43yo female, normal weight, normal BMI.  Last Echo in 2007, nothing ordered by new cardiologist who I was assigned too after mine left the area.

Once again, thank you in advance, sorry to bug you again.  I sound like a health disaster but I chase three kids 2 thru 8yo on a daily basis and do pretty well all things considered :-).

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Allen Klein specializes in this topic.  He is at Cleveland Clinic, the main campus in Cleveland Ohio, 216-444-6697 for Appointments.  
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