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CT Angio soft plaque

Hey guys,

I am a 32 yr old male, normal BMI, normal cholesterin levels, however working in finance and have a very stressful job. I have had chest pain for 6 months and therefore finally a CT angio was done.

The result is:

All normal, however they found a mild "soft-plaque" in the proximal LAD. My cardiologist recommended lifestyle changes and told me to come back in a year. We will check BP and cholesterin levels again.

Quick question:
- How dangerous is it? What is the probability of plaque rupture and heart attack?
- Will this plaque regress and if how fast?

I am a little bit stress out about this since I am very young and do not have risk factors except of stress (i do not smoke)

Many thanks for an answer
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BTW: My calcium score was "0"
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Mild is, as the word says, no very serious. Still at your age you should try to prevent it getting worse, so yes lifestyle changes.
I think your doctors advice is good. If after a year, your cholesterol is too high, you could consider taking statines for it.
Plaque rupture chances are not big, so do not worry about that.
The plaque will not disappear however with a healthy lifestyle. It is there and will not go away again. With a healthy lifestyle you can prevent it from getting worse so that it will possibly never have an impact on your health.
Maqny thanks for this. So you are saying no chance to regress?
I am afraid not, but do not forget that your arteries have a lot of overcapacity. Mild plaque is not going to limit your physical abilities.
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Dear all, just to give u an update. I went to another 2 cardiologists and a very well known radiologist (specialising in heart CT) and all confirmed that these are motion artifacts and that it is a false positive result. They also claimed that the doctor who told me that I have soft plaque is entirely wrong, and quote "incapable". I am so happy about this. However, I still have constant chest pain but when I go running for 1h I just feel great. What is this fu...ing chest pain?
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