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Three  years  ago, I went thru this  test  and  everything  was okay  but  I had some sort of allergy after  one day  with  quite some swelling  on face ( Edema)  and  had  to take a shot  of steroid and Allegra  180  for  3 to 4 days. I was givena lot of  pressure  lowering medicine  as part  of procedure. Is this kind of  reaction  known ? If  I have to test  again, what  should I do. I also learn that  it isnthe same  dye used  in Angiography ???

I am not   heart patient  now. only risk factor  is an obesity  and sleep apnea  which  is covered  with TAP 3 dental appliance  and now also S9 autoCPap.
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Some individuals have an allergy reaction to the contrast dye.  Part of the procedure is an injection to lower the heartbeat to below 60 if possible, I'm not aware of any bp lowering medication as part of the procedure!
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