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Calcium Channel Blocker for SVT,PVC's,PAC's?

Here's the deal.  I was put on 50mg of toprol xl last week for pvc's pac's and svt and let's just say it has not been a picnic.
I'm exhausted and feel out of it.  But here's my question.  I read that long term beta blocker usage significantly raises your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.  What's worse is I have a strong family history of diabetes including my two uncles and my grandfather who died from it.  I'm only 40 and wondering if I should switch to a calcium channel blocker.  Thoughts?
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consult your doctor.. If the side effects of the toprol are bothersome, he/she will likely switch you to a calcium channel blocker.
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Many patients find that they must try different drugs to find the best one to treat their symptoms and minimze side-effects..... everyone seems to react differently..

Calcium channel blockers are also not without their side-effects. In my case, my ankles swelled up and my cardiologist had to put me on a diuretic.  Others I know have complained about being tired, joint pain, coughing, upset stomach and constipation. But many have no problems whatsoever. It's like a roll of the dice.

Good luck!
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