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Calf Pain After Car Ride - Scared!

I know this is the heart disease forum, but I am hoping someone with DVT knowledge may post here, as I didn't get any response on that board.

After traveling a little over 3 hours by car Wednesday, and having traveled a little over 3 hours Monday, I came home with bad calf pain and foot numbness. An epsom salt bath and Advil didn't help, so I started fearing a blood clot.

I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound, which was negative. I was told to return if I felt any shortness of breath. The problem is, I have shortness of breath or air hunger a lot, so I ended up going back this morning, when I was feeling worse.

They gave me an EKG, which was fine I guess (no one said anything to me about it), as well as a D-Dimer blood test, which was negative.

Now, I should be feeling reassured, but I keep thinking what if the tests are wrong? My calf hurts, my thigh hurts, and my foot has been numb on and off. It is only on my left side.

This, combined with just waking up on Monday with a numb, swollen index finger for no apparent reason, has me feeling very scared. I don't want to worry needlessly, but I can't help feeling like the tests could be wrong.

Would you be assured by the tests they did?
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I would be reassured if I had a negative ultrasound. I recently had to get one after I complained about calf pain during a routine check up. I was sent down the street to a hospital to get an ultrasound of the arteries in my leg, it was negative. I wouldn't get too worked up but get help if you have worsening or different symptoms.

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Hi there,

I also think that the D-dimer and normal Ultrasound, ECG are good indicators that you don't have a DVT.

You could however have a nerve/muscle pinch somewhere.  I think you should go to Physio and get advice and treatment there.
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