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Can I live a long life with Mild Cardiomyopathy. What can I do to extend my life?

Can I live a long life with mild cardiomyopathy? In November of 2012 I was diagnosed with mild dilated cardiomyopathy thought to be either Peripartum or from a virus. Currently I'm getting great care at NY Presbyterian Heart Institute. Since 2012 it has pretty much held its own. My LV is mildly dilated and my ejection fraction is 45-50%. What I'm wondering is if this will shorten my lifespan or can I live a long life with this. Can I live to old age with this condition?
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well 40-50% isn't bad at all. If they believe it was through infection and this is now under control then you can live as long as anyone. Mild dilation is nothing to worry about. Any idea if your EF has dropped since 2012? or has it remained the same?
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Most people with cardiomyopathy can live a long and full life. See more on the Cardiomyopathy Association website.  www.cardiomyopathy.org
Absolutely - the treatments for the condition are excellent and with sensible lifestyle changes there is no reason at all why you cannot. I was diagnosed with a mildly dilated LV myself and made the changes I needed to and I have never felt better in my life - you will feel better as well. Best of luck !
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thanks for your link.    Despite discussions with my cardiologist, I still have unanswered questions well over a year after my MI like event, Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, which has left my heart damaged - reduced EF (45%), dilation, and so on.    I am concerned that the damage will add strain to the heart and the damage will spread and eventually lead to heart failure.    
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