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Can I really control my heart disease with medicine?

I had my 2nd heart attack this past October.  Doctors wanted to do bypass surgery.  I told them no, because I have had kidney failure and will surely go back on dialysis if they do the surgery.  I went to my regular cardiologist who told me we could take care of this with medicine.  I have blockages everywhere in my heart from what they tell me.  However, they say the muscule (heart) doesn't look as if it has had a heart attack.  It looks strong.  I would do just about anything to not go back on dialysis.  It was no life.  I will try any type of treatment.  Does anyone know any alternative treatments for heart disease?
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Many heart patients have to take multiple heart meds. I wonder what effect that would have on your kidneys if they're already compromised. And taking a pill or two isn't enough. There's losing weight, stopping smoking, exercise, changing eating habits and reducing sodium intake. It's a huge process to stop the progress of heart disease.

I think ed is right, the heart comes first and if it's in bad shape it may contribute to your kidney problems. They need good circulation too. If the heart goes, the rest doesn't matter.
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Is your kidney problem not being caused by heart problems?
If you are having attacks, then there is obviously something seriously wrong with your coronary arteries. I would be putting my heart first because the next attack could be the big one. If your cardiologist is worth anything, you will already be on the best medication to help your heart such as beta blockers, and nitrates to keep your arteries open.
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