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Can I reverse CHF

I was recently hospitalized for CHF.  After an EKKO, the doctor told me that my heart hard enlarge and my enfractions went from 30 to 22.  I would like to know if the CHF and the enlargement of my heart can be reversed and how.  I am now on a low salt/low fat diet.  Thank you for your help.

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Probably not reversing it, but now is the time to make sure that you are eating healthy.  You need to be very strict and I mean very strict with your diet.  Only fresh fruits and vegetables, little or no meat if you can, no salt added to your food, and absolutely no eating in restaurants (never).  It is hard to stick to,but if you want to add 10 or more years on to your life expectancy, you need to be strict with your diet.  Buy organic foods if you can.  They taste so much better and with the potatos you do not need to add margarine (they are already tasty without it).  If you are really strict with your diet, you will feel so much better.  Recent studies that I have read regarding exercise with CHF stated that exercise does not help the heart, but the exercise may make the person feel better.  My Mom passed away last Sept 3 from heart surgery after having CHF for 12 years.  Her entire family (all of them hundreds) all have heart disease.  Make sure you are not retaining water.  Weight yourself daily.  If you start gaining a pound a day, call your doctor right away.  Salt and water is your worst enemy.  Take care, take your medication as prescribed by your doctor, and get regular checkups and echocardiograms.  
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Check into Stem Cells....replication of your OWN stem cells not embryonic.  Can do wonders for your Ejection Fraction!!
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Here are some suggestions on the bottom of this article on how to try and stop of Congestive heart Failure becoming worse. I have not heard of anyone getting completely healed with CHF

Congestive Heart Failure
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Sorry, I did not know you could not link in these posts. here is the article url:
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I had CHF about 5 years ago.  CHF is a dx when the ejection fraction is below 29% (amount of blood pumped with each stroke)indicating there is insufficient blood/oxygen to meet the system's demand.  My CHF was associated in partc with a dilated left ventricle.  

The LV will dilate (remodel) when it is stressed and overworked.  The remodeled left ventricle will reduce contractility and cardiac output will be reduced.  Reduced cardiac output will signal the kidneys to produce more fluids, and the flow of blood from the lungs to LV will backup into the lungs as more blood is rec'd than pumped into the system. This condition will cause congestion of the lungs (edema) and CHF.

Reverse remodeling can be attained by reducing the workload for the heart.  Medication to reduce fluids and dilate the system's vessels will provide relief to the heart's workload and CO will increase.  The increase of output will signal the kidneys to reduce the production of fluids and increase contractions (Frank/Starling law of physics).  Years ago in ICU my EF was below 29% and an enlarged left ventricle.  With medication there has been reversed remodeling and a normal EF at 59%.

If your CHF is due to impaired heart muscle (prior MI, viral, etc.) an increase in EF and a reduction in LV may not be may not be possible and medication would be to prevent progression, etc.  According to your post your EF (ejection fraction) went from 30 to 22%.

Of interest there are about 26% of the heart failure population that don't know they are in heart failure range and function daily with their normal routine.and feel well.  I may have been part of that statistic as I never had any symptoms until congested heart failure.  
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I was diagnosed with CHF as a complication of hellp syndrome. I was given a 30% chance of seeing improvement. I took all my meds on time, took a heart focused multivitamin, and did my best to stay calm and meditate. Staying calm was hard as my son was in the hospital for 3 months after he was born and my CHF had started.
My underlying cause was treated, and within 6 months, I was back to 70%+ EF. I was able to come off of meds they said I would never come off of. The docs weren't even sure exactly how the best way for me to come off of them would be (how to wean me off them) because it was unusual to have a patient in the condition I reached, return to normality. :) my cardiologist completely discharged me when I came off all the meds successfully. :)
There is hope for healing, each situation is different, however, I feel no one should give up hope.
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What a fantastic outcome :) and thank you so much for sharing. I agree with what you say completely.
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Hi. I need some help with someone who knows anything about alcoholic cardiomyopathy which my 54 year old partner has.  Diagnosed 5 years ago, due to excessive alcoholic consumption over the past 30 or so years. He also smoked heavily for those 30 years but since diagnosis, has given up both.  His EF was 27% at diagnosis, went up to about 40% with not drinking or smoking but is now dropping.  Mid 30's last week.  He also has high blood pressure, Type 1 diabetes, high cholesterol and severe arthritis in his left hip.  About to have an angiogram to check for blockages in his heart, and also having a defribillator inserted into his chest.  Can anyone tell me what his life expectancy is, or may be?  This is really nicking me in the head! Thanks. Lyndal
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I was diagnosed with CHF in 2004 and my EF was 10-15%. I had 22 lbs of
Fluid, swelling of ankles, etc.  I also had to have stints placed in both groins due to blockage one at 95% and one at 100%,  I had a defibralator placed in early 2005 and was blessed to have the finest Cardiologists and the help of the good Lord above.  I was placed on medication, a large amount of metrolopol, Altace, Crestor and direutics.  Yearly echos, bi-yearly office visits and religious medication regime and my EJ rose over the years.  The last one this Spring was normal!  There is hope and belief is so important also.  My CHF was due to High Blood Pressure,which I was not even aware of.  Also, I monitored my weight daily and was told a weight gain of 3 lbs or more in 1 day was a signal of trouble.  Hope this will be beneficial to any of you as it is a scary disease!
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Try a holistic Doctor, i read a story about a man that was cured the same way a thyroid disease is cured.
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