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Can Someone Help Me Read My EKG

I'm out of the country and unable to communicate with my local doctor with the degree of understanding which I would be comfortable with.
I had an EKG today to find out if anything is wrong with my heart (been having tightness in the chest, occassional heart flutters, and last week had something that felt like a very hard heartbeat and immediately broke into a cold sweat.) Unfortunately, I did not understand what my doctor told me.

At first I thought she said I had an arythmia, then it seemed like she was saying I did not have an arythmia, but that my heart rate was twice the normal rate and my blood pressure is too high.

Can someone help me understand the results of my EKG? I've posted a picture here.
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Thank you very much for this.
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There is absolutely no right axis deviation or RBBB in this EKG. You have a normal electrical axis and normal conduction.

I can interpret EKG, but because I'm not a doctor I don't want to do it. All I can say is that I can't find anything dangerous in your EKG but it would be irresponsible of me to say "Normal EKG". So I won't. And Captain1998 should indeed not make scary diagnoses out of nothing.
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Hi Captain1998,
Thank you for your input.
Can you please elaborate? I don't know what that means.
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