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Can a person with BAV and PVC heart palpitations still workout?

Hi everyone. I’m new to this MedHelp forum, as well as the BAV that I just found out/diagnosed 2 months ago. Apparently I was born with BAV and with very mild Aortic Stenosis. Cardiologist said no treatment for me, just monitor every so often, and will do echocardiogram every 2 years. However, I am not new to the heart palpitations. I have undergone numerous EKGs, worn 24hr holter monitor and 10 days one, treadmill stress test, chest x-ray, echocardiogram (that’s when they found my BAV), and CT scan of aorta. I have benign PVC and PAC palps due to anxiety, stress, and strong emotions. My cardiologist is not a slightest bit concerned about my palps. I’d like to participate and enter the Bikini Fitness Competition. Do you think I am ok to do so? My cardiologist said that I won’t need any valve replacement until 20 years down the road. I’m currentlu working out 5 days a week (cardio, light weight lifting, and resistance). Thank you for your advice!
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Have they checked your Magnesium levels both serum and red blood cell. If low that can cause many problems like migraines muscle cramps weakness tiredness. Also check Vitamin D3 levels and CoQ10.
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