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Can after wollf parkinson white ablation palpitation and ectopic weaken my heart

I have a 1 week halter monitor on me right now what can this holster monitor reaves what can it do what can I reveal or find?
Can this really hard fast flutter wekean my heart and little ectopics after right sided wollf Parkinson white syndrome
What is the future outlook will there be promblems
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The primary function in your case will be to make sure the ablation was successful. Prognosis is good.
THANK you for the reply

So can wpw return back after my succefull wpw ablation
What is the life expands aswell if you know :)
Live expectency with untreated wpw is very good. I would imagine you would die a bit early, as most people tend to develop afib later in life (after age 60 or so), and these 2 conditions dont jive too well.

With the ablation though you're fine.

As for successful ablations in your case its about a 90%-96% success rate.

Basically when we ablate were burning a tiny part of your heart. The goal is to create a scar thag blocks,or slows electrical conduction.

Like any injury, such as a burn on a finger, first you get swelling and that little blister. After the wound heals you get a scar. Some people get big ugly scars, some,people get tiny barely noticable scars, its reapy hard to predict.

The 4%-10% of folks whos ablations fail are essentially those people who get really tiny scars. When this happends all they gotta do is go back in and create a larger burn than normal. Not a super big issue.
This also explains why an ablation can be successful, then fail later.

When the ablation is initially performed and the big nasty swolen "burn" is placed. The burn might be big enough to block electricity; however upon healing that scar is just too small, so the wpw returns.
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