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Can general anxiety develop vasovagal syndrome?

Recently I have noticed a feeling of dizziness while pressing to defecate, it happens especially when I am constipated and it's very hot. Then another time I had another episode while doing power walking that left me very shaky, nauseated and edgy, I didn't faint but nearly fainted. Then I have noticed when I am very tired especially emotionally I feel light headed.
I have generalized anxiety since I was very young and I wonder if over the years of panic and nervousness I have damaged my nervous system to the point that I suffer from this condition.
Could someone advise me on the subject?
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Vasovagal syncope is a condition associated with having feeling like you are going o pass out with change of position or going to the bathroom as have been described. This is a normal response and does not represent damage or any abnormality to the nervous system. Anxiety conditions with associated hyperventilation (breathing very fast) can also be associated with symptoms o feeling like you are going o pass out.  Both conditions may be present in the same individual.
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