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Can' get a deep breath after angiogram

Had angiogram( 2 stents & 1 balloon angioplasty) and two days later couldn't get a deep breath. Monitored in hospital overnight, no medications given or IV.  After on oxygen awhile breathing better but now five days later still can't always get deep breath. Hospital did another echocardiogram and blood enzymes and it was all very good. Oh, one heart enzyme was slightly elevated, but could be from the procedure.  Good rhythm and strong beats..  Doctor said they push a lot of fluids during the angiograms and perhaps body taking a while to get rid of excess. Able to walk around and even drive but still a problem with deep breaths. After triple bypass 13 years ago I have been on Plavix, now generic, and. cholesterol, blood pressure normal. No problems until shortness of breath upon exertion about three weeks ago.  65 year old male. What could be causing the shortness of breath after the angiogram.  Also have a dry cough but it's not bad.
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Have you mentioned that you are still having shortness of breath to your doctor?  It sounds like you probably have, and may need to get a second opinion if they have no leads on what the cause might be- is there another doctor you can present your case to?
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