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Can heart attack still be in process?

Besides the Silent Heart Attacks.  So 8 weeks ago I passed out, I tried drinking water but I couldn’t swallow it and spit it out.  That moment they made me close my eyes, then that moment I couldn’t open them, speak, nor move but hear them talk.  They took me to the emergency and it happened again.  They gave me an ekg scan and I came out normal 2 days later, I happened to get anxiety according to the doctor since I went again due to the fact that I was scared.  I then felt scared of everything thing, I lost like the satisfied of food I used to like, things I used to go and do, yet I can still do them and nothing makes me from not wanting to do them or eat, and like noticing all the heart attacks symptoms for some reason.  I can eat and eat everything if I’m hungry, but i do get nauseous feeling like when I eat, I burp suddenly every now and then and only a small bit but no vomit, burning sensation arms or shoulders when laying or is it discomfort, fuzzy feelings legs when I sit, impending doom or like I’m just gonna close my eyes and end, arms or shoulders other than burning sensation, it feels like as if I worked out, legs feel the same other than fuzzy feelings, like as if I’m tired but I’m not.  I can last a 30 min walk, shortness of breath feels, once like i stopped breathing for a sec.  it happened on 2 breath and I’m not sure if I feel like no breath or just really breathing normal.   No pain, burning sensation, or discomfort has ever increased so far but Im still with the same symptoms “I guess it’s symptoms” for 8 weeks, nonstop.  I also feel some anger or stress like feelings as well.  Im not sure if I get depressed but I get the “what’s the point” in everything.  The legs fuzzy feeling, arm or shoulders pain or burning, or discomfort, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had it and just not made a big deal and I’m probably noticing this since i thought about heart attack a lot since the faint.  Maybe I would get them from sitting and the arm, I do happen to slouch a lot.  Not sure if it’s pain but less than mild feeling in chest, also the pain or burning or discomfort, don’t make me react to like make a discomfort face.  I tend to worry a lot and my family who knows about these symptoms, don’t take me seriously.  My aunt also is a nurse who studied this and my dad learn from her so he has an understanding and doesn’t take it too serious.  Is it possible for heart attack to build up even with no increased less than mild discomfort, breath, and other less than mild heart attack symptoms?  Of course not mentioning the silent heart attack.  I’m gonna go explain it to the doctor when I go, but will it be necessary for another ekg test?  People do say they tend to worry it’s a heart attack when it’s just anxiety since it shares the same symptoms, but I don’t have situations where I should be worried like on stage and social or stresses like school or work like a boss or harder worker, just work as a worker and go home, sadly on the contrary, I do get lack of being outgoing, like exercise, or physical activities.  Again sadly, “room is my best friend.”  Oh and I feel like I’m parting from people yet I’m not.

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Some heart attacks strike suddenly, but many people have warning signs and symptoms hours, days or weeks in advance. The earliest warning might be recurrent chest pain or pressure (angina) that's triggered by activity and relieved by rest.
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Did they only do an ekg?
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Yea.  They did a blood test as well but the 2 days later when I felt “anxiety,” they took my blood pressure.  And touched parts of my body and they stated anxiety.  
You dont seem to have any cardiovascular or ventilatory issues...

Perhaps get another opinion.

Im not sure we can add much bc you dont have chest pressure, or tightness, your not short of breath, your not having palpatations...

The numbness and tingling could be neuro or muscular in origin.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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