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Can pericarditis contribute to a stent collapsing?

My stent in a small artery keeps collapsing. Just wondering if pericarditis can cause this to happen? Any ideas on what can be done here?
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Hello there and thank you for your question.  We're sorry you are having this difficulty.  More details would be helpful. How many times has your stents collapsed and how much time passes in between?  Are they collapsing or become reblocked? Once expanded, stents are quite strong and don't tend to collapse readily. Collapse of a stent are usually the result of either in-stent thrombosis (via platelet activation) or restenosis (occlusion from endothelial tissue). The former is usually more catastrophic and results in an acute heart attack, and more often the result of noncompliance with taking certain medications (i.e. clopidogrel)
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This is after happening about 4 times now. It usually occurs every 3-4 months. I recently had the stent done again and the specialist said that there's a 50% chance, I'll be back again, with issues.
Hm, this sounds a little unusual.  They have no explanation for why this is happening?  It's not reblocking but actually collapsing?  

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