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Can someone explain my EKG Results?

Could someone please explain these numbers to me? I have seen several times in my medical history about a left atrial enlargement, but it has never been brought up or explained to me. Is it serious? What causes it? Are these numbers normal or within reason?

Ventricular Rate:   106 BPM
Atrial Rate:   106 BPM
P-R Interval:   158 ms
QRS Duration:   76 ms
Q-T Interval:   332 ms
QTC Calculation(Bezet):   441 ms
P Axis:   46 degrees
R Axis:   45 degrees
T Axis:   59 degrees
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I also wanted to ask if a dipped chest can cause a left atrial enlargement.
I am 22, Female.
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The report says "possible" right atrium enlargement. I would think an echo should be organised to make sure. Are you on any form of medication for anything? Your heart rate seemed to be pretty fast during the EKG, was you very nervous or something?
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Your left part of your heart is enlarged it can be a natural accurance but if I was you id get the doctors to explain it my left ventricle is enlarged and i didn't know what it meant but ask them as they can explain it better or if your still worried about it go on google and type it in and it will give you answers
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sorry I misread. Left atrium enlargement is usually the mitral valve not functioning correctly. An echo scan would find the cause.
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